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Q: What do you call a stick with sharp end which hunders used to hunt?
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What do they use to hunt whales?

they used a long thin stick with a long sharp end .

How did the achumawi tribe hunt and fish?

They hunt by the sharp things they use and builed

Why kites have sharp eyes?

Because they want to hunt

How orcas eat?

first they hunt with their echolocation first then they eat with their 56 lazor sharp teeth

What is the lance in brian's winter?

In "Brian's Winter," the lance is a tool that Brian uses to hunt for food and defend himself. He creates the lance by attaching a sharp blade to a stick to increase his chances of survival in the wilderness.

What do you hunt with a rabbit stick?

Hunny Badgers!

Why do creatures hunt for stick insects?

to eat them

What does the Philippine eagle use its sharp eyesight for?

to hunt its prey.

How do snowy owls hunt?

Snowy Owls hunt with their sharp talons sometimes they hunt alone and sometimes they don't.

How do ferrets hunt do they hunt alone or in packs?

Ferrets are solitary animals and hunt alone. Ferrets kill their prey with a sharp bite to the back of the neck.

What is a coup stick and is it to hunt buffalo?

No it is not to hunt bufallo, it is a long slender stick that a warrior would wrap around an enemy and pull the enemy off his horse.

What are three ways polar bears are adapted to hunt prey?

sharp claws sharp teeth white fur for camouflage