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Q: What do you call a wild and angry lion?
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What did the name mean The Call of the Wild Sol-leks?

It means "The Angry One".

What does the name sol-leks mean The Call of the Wild?

Sol - leks means the angry one

What happens if you get close to a lion?

You die, so goodbye!! This dependsIs the Lion Hungry?Is the Lion angry?If you answered the above questions as yes, Then you become LunchIf you answered the above questions as NO and leave before the Lion gets angry, Then you live.Be aware that if the Lion can reach you he will be angry!

What is the type of lion?

wild lion

Why was the lion is wild?

the lion is and always will be

What is a name for an angry lion?


Why is the lion considered the king of the wild?

The lion is considered the king of the wild, because it has no natural enemies, besides the humans.

How do you get a lion really really angry?

You can do many things to make a lion mad, like stabbing it with a stick.

Where is the habitat of wild lion?

In africa

Is a lion a wild African animal?


What is a large wild feline?


What is the wild version of a cat?

There are many different versions of wild cat. They include: Lion Mountain Lion Couger Tiger Ect.