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Q: What do you call an earthenware vessel?
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What is cantina crock?

There is an earthenware vessel called an olla; I think that's what you're taking about.

What is a crockery vessel?

A "vessel" in this case is a hollow food container such as a pot, cup, vase, bowl, pitcher or jar, usual used for holding liquids. "Crockery" is the name given to eating and serving dishes, usually made out of earthenware (ie clay). So a "Crockery Vessel" is an earthenware pitcher.

How do you use earthenware in sentence?

The earthenware was musty.

What is the Name for an earthen pot?

ollain spanish? OllaAnswer by SecretAgentMan: In English: Jar, Spitoon, Earthenware, ceramics, basin, chalice, ewer, flask, pitcher, crock, urn, vessel.

Meaning of the word pateras in greek?

It means father, it's my last name. no it doesn't sorry its a saucerlike vessel of earthenware or metal, used by the Greeks and Romans in libations and sacrifices.

What is the name of earthenware pot?

A small earthenware pot is a pipkin

Is earthenware easy to find?

Yes, earthenware is easy to find.

What do you call a vessel that travels underwater?

A vessel that travels underwater is termed a submarine.

What kind of food cooks in a tangine?

Moroccan stews are traditionally cooked in an earthenware vessel called 'tagine", but If you don't have a tagine pot, a dutch oven or ovenproof stockpot will do just fine.

What is another word for earthenware crock?

stoneware, pottery Stoneware and pottery are general categories, while an olla is specifically an earthenware crock

How do you call a sailor of a light fast-sailing vessel?

sailer of a light fast vessel

What do you call a three masted vessel?

A Xebec