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Q: What do you call boarding a ship?
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What do you call boarding an aircraft again?


What part of speech is the word boarding?

He is boarding up the windows to prepare for the storm. (verb)I will rent a room in the boarding house. (adjective)The cruise ship will be boarding this evening. (verb)

What is the word for boarding a cruise ship?

Embarking. Getting off the ship is referred to as disembarking. :)

Do you have to pay to get in PCA boarding school?

YES you have to pay to enter any boarding school unless on a scholar ship.

What is the noun of this sentence The ship is boarding within a few minutes?

The nouns in the sentence are ship and minutes.

What is embarkment?

Boarding: The act of passengers getting aboard a ship or aircraft

What does 'gangplank' mean?

The gangplank is the flat board that temporarily leads from the dock to the side of a ship, used for boarding or disembarking the ship.

What shocking news did the commander of the Bristol ship bring Hester?

Roger Chillingsworth is following them for revenge and is boarding their ship to England.

What does a sailor call a ship?

they call their ship SHE

Why were 3rd class passengers on the Titanic given a medical check on boarding?

The crew didn't want anyone boarding the ship who was ill with an infectious disease.

How do you use boarding in a a sentence?

There was a big crowd at the dock to see the people boarding the ship.

What do you call the walkway when boarding a plane?

Aero Bridge