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What do you call someone from Kansas?


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it depends on the person. some could be called stupid. others smart. some ugly. others pretty.


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A person from Kansas is a Kansan. The nickname for a Kansan is a Jayhawk. Massachusetts is called the Baystate Some people use Baystaters

because people will laugh and call you ar-stupid.

I noticed someone answered Douglas County. Douglas County Kansas is where Lawrence Kansas is. Kansas City Kansas is in Wyandotte County Kansas.

Kansans A person from Kansas is called a Kansan. Or a Jayhawk

Because sunflowers grow mostly in Kansas.

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KCI is the closest, but it is properly named MCI. Most people call it KCI. It is in Kansas City, Missouri.

Prior to Kansas joining the Union, the Kansas Territory was a hotbed of violence and chaos between abolitionists and pro-slavery settlers. Kansas was known as Bleeding Kansas as these forces collided.

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It called for the residents of Kansas and Nebraska vote to decide the issue of slavery.

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The state flag of Kansas was chosen because someone designed a flag and the government liked it. has the answers to you questions regarding these products.

Kansas. But he was born in Texas.

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