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Someone who speaks two languages is bilingual, and if they speak two or more languages, they can be called multilingual. Someone who understands many languages can also be said to be a polyglot. A person who can speak two or more languages is multilingual. A person who can speak three languages is trilingual. A person who can speak only one language is monolingual.

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What do you call someone who can speak five languages?

The word to describe someone who can speak more that one language fluently is Bilingual.That isn't correct, Bilingual means that you speak TWO languages fluently. If you speak five you are PENTAlingual

What is name for people who speak more than two languages?

A multilingual person is someone who can speak in two or more languages. A monolingual person can speak in only one language. A bilingual person can speak in two languages. A trilingual person can speak in three languages.

What do you call a person who can speak two languages?

Such a person is called bilingual.

What do you call someone that speaks several languages?

Two or more languages: multilingualTwo languages: bilingualThree languages: trilingualMany languages: polyglotThey are called multilingual.

What do you call a person who can easily learn and speak many languages?

A person who can speak multiple languages is considered to be Multilingual, bilingual (two languages), trilingual (three languages), etc. A name for people who are multilingual and easily learn languages is Polyglot.

What is someone called who can speak two languages?

(That was part of an old joke) A person who speaks: three (or more) languages is a polyglot; two languages is bilingual; and only one language is... an American.

This person lived in a country near France where they speak two languages?

There are no countries near France that speak ONLY two languages, but all of them speak more than two languages.

The prefix bi means two able to speak two languages bi?

able to speak two languages: bilingual

What is able to speak two languages?

bi-lingual The term for a person who is able to speak two languages is: Bilingual.

What is the word for speaking two languages fluently?

Bilingual is someone who can speak more than one language.

What is a combination of two languages?

If you can speak two languages fluently, that is called bilingual.

What word means 'able to speak two languages'?

Bilingual means able to speak two languages.

How many languages do you speak if you are bilingual?

If the person is bilingual, then that person can speak, write and research in two languages. A multilingual person can speak as many languages that he/she has learned.

Do Canadians only speak two languages?

Well obviously not ALL Canadians speak only 2 languages HOWEVER the two official languages of Canada are French and English.

Which set of Caribbean people speaks two languages?

jamaican people speak two languages

What are the main two main languages spoken in South America and why do we still speak these two main languages today?

The two main languages spoken are Spanish and Portuguese and we continue to speak them because over the years they have become our native languages.

Does bilingual mean two official languages?

Yes, bilingual means having two languages (such as a country), or in two languages (such as a newspaper, or a translation dictionary).But bilingual can also refer to a person. A person who can speak any two languages fluently is said to be bilingual, and if they can speak more than two languages fluently, they are multilingual.

What are you if you can speak two languages?

You are bilingual if you can speak more than one language.

What is the word means a person who can speak or write in many different languages?

If they speak two languages, they're generally referred to as bilingual. People who speak more than two can usually be referred to as a linguist.

What does bilingual mean?

The term bilingual means "two languages" and may refer to a location, or a publication, or a person. A bilingual individual is one who can speak (or more specifically, speak fluently) in 2 different languages.In Canada both English and French are taught because Canada is a bilingual country.There is a term for speaking three languages (trilingual), but more common is the term "multilingual" meaning able to speak several to speak and understand two languageswritten in two languages.Bilingual means that you can speak more than one language.A person is bilingual if he or she can speak two languages (such as Spanish and English) fluently. (To be fluent in a language means that you can speak and write it well.)

What do Canadian speak?

Canadians speak English and French. Those are the two official languages.

Do Afghans speak Arabic?

No they speak pashto or dari the two major languages in afghanistan

How many languages does a bilingual person speak?

2 languages bi is a prefix which means TWO.

Did shahrukh khan speak two languages?

Yes shahrukh khan speaks two languages. He speaks english and hindi. He speaks both the languages fluently.

What two languages did the ghanians speak in the kingdom?

Soninke and Mande.