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Q: What do you call the rate at which a story moves forward?
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Is pacing in fiction the rate at which a story moves forward?

That is the definition of pacing, yes.

What do you call the rate which a body moves?


Which is best definition for the term pacing in fiction?

The pace at which the story moves forward

What is forward rate?

Forward exchange rate is the agreed upon exchange rate to be used in a forward trade.

How a forward premium or discount is computed?

forward exchange rate can be computed from spot exchange by adding or subtracting premium ir discount. also forward rate can be at forward premiun of discount when comapred to spot exchange rate.

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Both atria and ventricles contracts rythmically to propagate blood forward. Contraction of the left ventrical forces the boold in systemic circulation. The wave of arterial dilatation moves forward across the arterial system to produce pulse.

What is the Call Rate?

A call rate is the call how much you pay or the rate of the phone.

What Dynamic balance rate of forward process equals the rate?

The 'Dynamic balance rate' of forward process equals the rate of the backward (reversed) reactionA + B --> P + Q Let the forward rate be RfwandP + Q --> A + B the backward rate let it be RbwthenRfw = Rbw at Dynamic (balanced, thermodynamical) Equilibrium

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The expected spot rate can be estimated by observing the relevant forward rate. E.g. expected spot rate in 90-days can be estimated by observing the 90-day forward rate.

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The product and reactants reach a final, unchanging level.

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Rate of forward reaction=rate of backward reaction

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Transaction in future date by forward contract(future delivery) to purchase/sell foreign exchange at prevailing rate.