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The red "skin" on a rooster is called the comb and wattle. The comb is the fatty loose "decoration" on the roosters head and is used for both cooling the rooster when it is hot and for attracting a mate.

There are eight distinct varieties of combs on chickens and roosters. These are the varieties recognized by breeders, Buttercup, Cushion, Pea, Rose, Silkis, Single, Strawberry and V-shaped.

The wattle is made of the same material, hangs under the neck and does the same job as the comb…it is the area of the chicken where the blood comes closest to the surface of the skin and allows air to cool the blood running through it.


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the red thing on a roosters head is called a cockscomb or cock's comb of a red boogerObviously its a hatcock's comb lol

The red part of skin on a roosters head is called the comb. The part under the beak is called the wattle.

The red part of a chicken's head is called the comb.

Below the jaw is called 'wattles'.

It is the flappy usually red growth at the top of a roosters head.

Rhode Island Red roosters get their spurs as they grow. The roosters spurs actually grow faster than the hens.

Usually feathers but if you are talking about the red fleshy thing on the head of a rooster, that is called a Comb. The red flesh below the beak is called a wattle.Combs and wattles are used to help cool the bird down and to attract a mate.

Try the New Hampshire ... roosters are a deep orange & red

if its is red and warm and feels just like the comb on top of the head then that is its wattle

The red thing on their heads are called combs.

If you are talking about the red thing hanging down from it's neck. That is called the flap of loose skin.

It is called a wattle. The red thing on their head is called a comb.

The thing on top of its head is called a comb. The thing under its chin is called 'wattles'.

If you mean the "red thing" on top of its head, that is called a comb. If the "red things" are hanging under it's chin or beak, then it is called wattles.

You can't tell a male and female chick apart, you have to wait until the males grow a thing under their beak (long and usually red). The males (roosters) usually are bigger then the females (hens). And a hen lays eggs, and roosters do not.

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Rhode Island roosters (that's the correct spelling) reach sexual maturity at about six months of age, the same as the roosters of any other breed of chicken.

The red "skin" on a chickens head is called a comb there are several shapes identified by breeders such as the rose comb and the double comb.

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This flap of loose skin, found on roosters, turkeys, some dog and goat varieties, and even some humans, is called a wattle.

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Comb. The wattle is below the chin of the chicken, and the comb is the red fleshy thing on the top of their heads.

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Some say it's to attract the hens to it's large red comb and wattles, which are signs of sexual maturity and good health, and distract their attention away from competitor roosters.

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