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Change of age, usually from 9-15 years old for males, if you pee uncontrollably the best way to settle it is to wear a diaper or some type of absorbent underpants of such. This problem may go on for years depending on your age. It is very common for boys (especially 12 years old) to wear diapers because of this. I know several patients of mine who wear them. I'd personally recommend pamper's underjams or Huggies goodnites to anybody who has bladder issues, these are meant kids and teens (some adults too).

Dr. Fredrick

John Hopkins Medical center

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It is were you cannot control your urination or pee.

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You just started on prednisone, correct? Uncontrollable urination seems to be a common side effect, but it comes under control when the doctor tapers you down to your personalized dose.

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Q: What do you do about the uncontrollable urination?
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