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After Beating Team Magma

you go to Steven's house, which is the house in the top/left corner of mossdeep city. then he gives you DIVE. teach it to a water Pokemon. Then SURF south of mossdeep city until you come to a part of the sea that is dark blue. go over it and DIVE. Go south until you see an underwater cave. Go in it, there should be a submarine in it, and use DIVE again. Go through the cave until you reach kyogre, and then Archie will attack you. beat him, and then go to sootpolis city.

2011-09-13 10:13:32
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Q: What do you do after beating Team Magma at the Space Station in Pokemon Emerald?
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In Pokemon Emerald after getting to Mossdeep City and beating the gym what do you do if Team Magma is not in the spaceport?

You have to beat the gym leader first... then you'll find them there.

How do you catch a castform in Pokemon emerald?

you can't but you can get one at the weather centre between mauville and fortree city after beating team aqua and magma

Where do you take the mereorite in Pokemon emerald?

in mt. chimeni. by beating team aqua/magma. take it in the meteorit machine. its stending near maxy/arcer.

Sun stone Pokemon Emerald?

After beating team magma in the space center in mossdeep city talk to the guys on the first floor one of them gives you a sun stone.

How do you catch Magma the Pokemon in Emerald?

i don't think you can find it in Pokemon emerald but if you could i think it would be in the fiery path.

How do you get to Flannery on Emerald Pokemon?

If you want to get to flanary in Pokemon emerald (beat team magma then they will disaper get the metorite and go down.

Where is the team magma emblem in Pokemon emerald?

somewhere in their base

Where is the team magma hideout in pokemon emerald?

Judged Pass

Where do you get a magma emblem Pokemon emerald?

go to mount pryre.

How do you rescue MrBrainey in Pokemon emerald?

You have him in a forest from team magma.

How do you get the mastrball in Pokemon emerald?

You can find it in he Magma or Aqua hideout.

Where is mt meteorite on Pokemon emerald?

where the meteorite is with team magma

Why isn't the old lady giving you the magma emblem in Pokemon ruby?

You do not need and you cannot get the Magma Emblem in Pokemon Ruby. The Magma Emblem is a story item exclusive to Pokemon Emerald.

What Pokemon game has Team Aqua and Team Magma in it?

Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, and Saphire.

How do you get chimcheo in Pokemon Emerald?


Can you join Team Magma on Pokemon Emerald and if so what do you need to do beforehand?

Nobody cares about pokemon.

What is the magma emblem used for?

The Magma Emblem is used for getting into Team Magma's base in Pokemon Emerald Version.

Where do you find team rocket in Pokemon Emerald?

You never encounter Team Rocket in Pokemon Emerald. You will only see Team Aqua and Team Magma.

Where s the weather station in Pokemon emerald?

The Weather Institute is along Route 119, just let of Fortree City, but you cant get there straight away as it is blocked by team magma

What do you do after you read team magmas note in Pokemon emerald?

you go and deafeat the 7th gym then you go to the space station and deafeat a few magma grunts and team up with steven

How do you get grouden in Pokemon ruby?

catch him in the cave of origin in sootopolis after beating team magma

How many masster balls are in Pokemon emerald?

2. In aqua and magma hideout.

Where in fallarbor town is the leader of team magma in Pokemon emerald?

meteor falls

What do you do after team magma steals the submarine in Pokemon ruby?

unsure only have emerald

Were can you get dive in Pokemon emerald?

In Mossdeep City from Steven after you have defeated Team Magma.