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If the tooth was loose due to impact, you should seek a dentist. They may be able to fix it. For the chip, the dentist can also repair that. I had a similar experience where I fell, and chipped a tooth and caused it to be loose. The dentist repaired the appearance of the tooth and the tooth stabalised itself after a while.

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Q: What do you do for a loose tooth that has been chipped?
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How much to repair a chiped tooth?

it really depends on how much of the tooth has been chipped but roughly 100-150 dollars

Does smoking have effect's on a chipped tooth?

Smoking does in fact have a huge effect on a chipped tooth. Smoking can change the color of the teeth.

What are the symptoms of a chipped tooth?


Does your chipped tooth need a crown?


Do get a retainer when you chipped our font tooth?


Does a chipped tooth fix itself?


How do you fix a chipped tooth?

You put the chipped piece in a bag and bring it with you to the dentist and see what they can do for you.

Does the dentist fix your chipped tooth?

When you get a chipped tooth the Dentist will gentley file it smooth again. So theres really nothing to worry about

Have any celebrities chipped their front tooth?


How do you salvage a broken or chipped tooth?


How do you know when you have chipped a tooth?

if u feel something sharp and pointy on your tooth

Can I get a chipped tooth after a deep teeth cleaning?


Can you get a chipped tooth covered up?

Yes, You can get a cap.

Can a root canal be done if the tooth is chipped?

Yes they can, they did on me.

How much does it take to chip a tooth?

Teeth can be chipped by a fall in which your tooth strikes the ground or floor.

You chipped your tooth Will it have to be pulled T T?

No, but it will hurt when you chip it.

Can you get a chipped tooth fixed while wearing braces?


Does the tooth fairy take chipped teeth?

Yes, of course.

Are chipped teeth bad?

Chipped teeth can break even further. Depending on the severity of the chip, a chipped tooth can be filed straight or capped to avoid further damage.

What happens if you don't fix a chipped tooth?

Nothing, but it will be sensitive to cold foods like ice cream, ice cold water, ect. I know because I also have a chipped tooth.

If you have chipped teeth can you have braces?

Yes, usually a chipped tooth, if not extremely serious, can be built back up by the dentist cosmetically. Nobody would even be able to tell you had the tooth built up.

What happens when you break your tooth?

If you completely break your tooth, like through the inside and everything, you will feel a lot of pain in your mouth. However, if by break, you mean you chipped the tooth, nothing really happens, but you can feel the break with your tongue. Either way, if you have dental insurance, you might get a filling for a chipped tooth, or a whole new replacement tooth if you broke the entire tooth.

Stale how to use in sentence?

The bread is so stale, that I chipped a tooth!

How do you relieve pain from a chipped tooth?

the best way is to have a dentist fix it.

Did Tyson Ritter have braces?

No he did not have braces but he has chipped his tooth on a microphone before