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What do you do if pregnancy tests give different results?

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It is likely that you are pregnant. It is possible to have false negative results, but unlikely to have a false positive.

2004-12-03 18:54:31
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Q: What do you do if pregnancy tests give different results?
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Can having UTI give negative pregnancy results?

No, UTIs do not affect the accuracy of pregnancy tests.

What can cause EIA to give inaccurate results?

Pregnancy and hemophilia are two main reasons that these tests are inaccurate.

Does home pregnancy test work in the early second trimester?

Yes. Home pregnancy tests actually give accurate results in the first trimester, some as early as the first few weeks of pregnancy.

What pregnancy test is good for early pregnancy?

I've heard even cheap pregnancy tests give accurate results. If I were to take a pregnancy test to detect early pregnancy it would be one that it easy to use and read, such as clearblue digital or first response.

What is the fastest pregnancy test?

There really isn't one. If you read the labels they all say "best results AFTER the date of your missed period. Blood tests in a doctor's office can give you the soonest results.

Are at home pregnancy tests always correct?

Almost NOTHING is ALWAYS correct.Home pregnancy tests are around 85 % so use three from different manufacturers and you are approaching 99% if they all give the same result. If not then you will have to find out why.

Can antibiotics give positive readings in pregnancy tests?


Can marijuana give false positive pregnancy tests?

Def. Not

Does HPV affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test?

HPV does not affect the accuracy of any pregnancy tests.No it will not affect a pregnancy test.No. Your just not pregnant.No. Home pregnancy tests achieve their results by detecting a specific hormone present in a woman's urine which is only produced during pregnancy. HPV will not interfere with the detection of the hormone, however, there are other factors which can give false results with home pregnancy tests. If you receive a negative result but believe you are pregnant try repeating the test after a week has passed, or you may consult a physician who can administer a more accurate test.NO a positive pregnancy test is caused by hormones not a virus

If a home pregnancy test is positive do you go by that or should you test again?

If you get a positive result from a home pregnancy test, you should then visit your physician's office and have them give you a test ,then you'll know for sure, because sometimes home tests can give incorrect results.

Can 2 month expired pregnancy test give a false positive?

NEVER trust a expired test! Even new tests can give the wrong results so never trust a old one.

How long does a pregnancy test take to show the results?

The pregnancy tests that can be bought for home use will show a result within five minutes. The test done by medical professionals is more accurate and that will give a result in a day.

What is the best brand of a home pregnancy test to use?

For most women it is a personal preference. Digital tests give clear results, howeve they are not as sensitive as the traditional lined sticks.

If you take a pregnancy test 4 days before your missed period and it comes out negative can you still be pregnant?

Medical tests are never 100% certain. They can give a false positive, and a false negative result. You are asking about the possibility of a falsely negative result from a pregnancy test. These tests provide less certain results, the earlier in a pregnancy that they are taken. A sensible insurance is a retest. Yes. Usually you are suppose to take a pregnancy tests as soon as you miss your period.

Do online chlamydia tests give false results?

Yes; it is possible, but not likely, to get false results.

If you still have a positive pregnancy test a week after a suspected miscarriage what does this mean?

It means that there is still the presence of the pregnancy hormone (hCG). Home pregnancy tests give positive results when they detect the presence of hCG. It can take days to several weeks for a woman's hCG levels to return to baseline after a miscarriage; it all depends on how far along she was. Taking home pregnancy tests in the first few weeks after a miscarriage is not a reliable way to check for pregnancy because of all of the false negative results, due to the lingering pregnancy hormone in the woman's system.

How soon can a pregnancy test be taken?

Nowadays, most pregnancy tests can give a result as soon as a period is due.

Are receptionist qualified to give blood test results?

This is up to her and the doctor she works for. Many blood tests results are complicated to read, others (like pregnancy) are very simple. If you doubt the receptionists qualifications ask for the doctor to return your call to discuss the test results.

When to take pregnancy tests?

The best time to take a pregnancy test is no more than 1 day before your missed period. If you will read on the box it will give the percentage of accuracy for each day before your missed period. Some pregnancy tests advertise that you can see results up to 5 days sooner (5 days before your missed period) but it is usually not a very high accuracy rate. The closest you are to your period the better the results will be.

How long does it take to get results for a saliva drug and alcohol test?

these tests give results in lab required

How soon is a home pregnancy test accurate?

A pregnancy test can be positive before you even have missed a period. Many tests can provide positive results within 10 days after you become pregnant, however it is usually best to wait until you've missed a period because the HCG hormone (the hormone found in early pregnancy)will be stronger which in that case will give you definite results.

After sex and you take a pregnancy test will it mess up the results?

The pregnancy tests the hormones in your urine stream, known as hCG, semen does not affect it. That hormone is produced by your body during pregnancy and is the only thing measured by the test. So no, having sex anytime before taking the pregnancy test will not affect your results or give you a false positive. The only time having sex affects your pregnancy test is when it was weeks ago, unprotected, and fertilized the egg.. making you pregnant.

Can I take a home pregnancy test and not have missed a period yet?

Some home pregnancy tests can give you an accurate answer up to 5 days before your missed period. The later you wait the more accurate the results. Save your money and just wait until you are late to test.

Can pregnecy tests somehow give the wrong answer?

Yes; There are several things that can contribute to a negative pregnancy test even if you are pregnant. Some medications can give you a false negative, the timing of the test can affect the results. If you did not follow directions properly; if you let the test sit for too long the results may read negative after a while. It is important to read the results within the amount of time given on the instructions of that particular pregnancy test you bought. If you did not perform the test properly (example: you drank a lot of fluids before taking the test, which can dilute your urine). Etc On rare occasions you can encounter a false positive due to improper testing, expired pregnancy tests, rare medical conditions such as certain types of cancer, evaporation lines, a recent pregnancy or a chemical pregnancy.

How accurate are home pregnancy tests?

Home pregnancy tests are quite accurate. If anything, they give false negatives because it might not have picked up enough of the pregnancy hormone but positives are usually accurate. If you want to be absolutely sure, take another test and if that one too says you are pregnant, count on it. most are 99%