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you scream, "hey i found a four-leaf clover!" Fold it in the phone book and wait for it to dry, then put it in your wallet. This way you will always feel lucky

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Where do you find 3 leaf clover?

Almost anywhere . Do you mean 4 leaf clover hard tp find between lots of 3 leaf clover

What if you pick a one leaf clover?

it means that you are going to have very badluck on the day that you pick the clover and the day after you find it. if you pick a two leaf clover, you will have some bad news the day that you find the clover. a 3 leaf clover means that nothing special will happen.

What is a clover with more than three leaves?

A four leaf clover. Which is considered lucky and rare and hard to find. They say there is only one four leaf clover in each clover pack!!

Where is a good place to find a four leaf clover?

where there is clover patch. Keep in mind that you have to be lucky to start, otherwise, you won't find it anywhere.

Where can you find a 4 leaf clover?

You have to look for it, or find it for sale

Where doyou find good luck?

You find them in a four leaf clover.

How many miles is clover pa. from east longmeadow mass.?

I can't find Clover, PA. If you mean Clover Township, that's 437 miles from East Longmeadow.

What do you get if you find a four leaf clover?

You will get a good luck.

Where do you find four leafed clovers?

In clover patches

What year is it to find a 4 leaf clover?


Why it unlucky to find a 5 or more leaf clover?

Because 5 or more leaf clover are very rare idiot

How do you find a real 4 leaf clover?

You need to look through a patch of clover, they are very rare but can be found if you are lucky.

What is the origin of the saint patricks day clover?

saint ptricks day clover was found in Ireland and it was rare to find a four leaf clover so they decided to celebrate it and they continued to celebrate.

Where can you find Real four lesf clover plants?

*You can find them where you feel lucky

What does it mean to find a five leaf clover?

It means you will have extremely GOOD luck! I found one and I got really lucky! In actual fact, the saying is related to a four leaf clover (not five). Clover normally has three leaves, so to find a four leaf clover is extremely rare. See related link

Where do you find the Clover for the tea in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box?

Tea Ingredients, Root Joy Clover. Please see the related link below for a walkthrough of where to obtain Root Joy Clover.

How could you tell your best friend that you are his best friend?

find a four leaf clover and give it to him..... tell him that he is your 4 leaf clover

How many leaves can you find on a clover?

The usual number of leaflets on a clover leaf is 3 but 4, 5, 6 and more are not uncommon.

Is there a 24 leaf clover?

A plant of the genus Trifolium. Most clover of the Europian variety have three leaves. To find a four leaf clover is said to brink one luck. A 24 leaf clover would be most unusual and may not be a genuine Trifolium.

In which novel would you find Boxer and Clover?

Animal Farm

How do you remove bad luck?

Find a four leaf clover

How do you find clover honey on tangled Nintendo ds game?


Where is the best place to find a 4 leaf clover?


Is it easy to find a four leaf clover in Ireland?

No it isn't

Where do you find all 20 4 leaf clover in fantage 2013?

find them yourself