What do you do if you have broken your arm?

Well I got a broken arm a year ago and u basically cry ur eyesbout unit u get to the hospital. And depending on what hospital u go to.... u either wait, or they take u in a back room. And give u some antibiotics in liquid form. Yay! And its really gross but its better than a shot. Then they bring u to another room and u get x rayed ( they put a metal vest like thing) over ur body. And tell u to lay down and relax. Then they take pics of ur arm and move it different ways and to be honest it hurts. Then a doctor looks at them and comes back to tell u if u broke it, fractured it what ever. And then.... they take this white stuff and wrap up ur arm and that night u have to prompt it up on a pillow or something. Then.... the next day u go to the doctors again and they operate on u. They take off the white stuff, and ask u what color u want ur cast to be and they give u sleepy gas and u pass out and they operate on ur arm. When u wake up u feel tired and normally u have a headache, and u have to have someone help hold u up so u don't collapse. And u might want a trustworthy person carrying u out or they might run u into a wall on accident like they did me.