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What do you do if your Chevy Malibu will not start after you replaced the ignition?


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you did not mention what year, but are you sure it was the ignition and not the anti theft system. If you think it could be the anit theft system, than you can try turning the key on for 10 minutes and than off for on e and repeat this and than see if it starts.


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have the ignition check to see if its worn. if the theftlock/passlock system doesnt recognize the key it wont let it start

2001 chevy malibu alarm won't start

bad ignition switch. had the same problem until I replaced it.

turn ignition to on position 10 -15 mins or until anti theft light goes off, turn off 5 secs then start ,should run fine

Yes, you can jump start a 2002 Chevy Malibu. Remember to connect the right connections in order to preserve your battery.

Turn ignition switch on ,(don't start car) for about 10 min that will disable theft system.

I made a new key made and now the car will not start: I need instructions onj how to manualy program the key:

Turn the ignition key to the on position (don't start ) and then depress the gas pedal 3 times within 5 seconds.

Yes, If you're automatic transmission is not in PARK it will not start... sometimes if it is not completely pushed forward in PARK, it won't start... push it forward.

How do you program the remote key fob on a 2005 Chevy Malibu maxx

For a 2001 Malibu, you leave your key in the ignition switch turned to the accessory position for 10 minutes. Turn the car off after that and then start it up like normal.

By turning the ignition key...

needs a ignition cylinder and has to be reprogramed.

The price for brakes for a 2005 Chevy Malibu Maxx will vary depending on the store. The prices for the brakes start at $99.95.

I have a 2005 chevy malibu and had the same issue... It's the fuel sensor.. Need to replace fuel system

You need to take the dash apart to get to it. I had the same problem in my 2000 malibu. Are u having a theft system problem? I was. You need to take the ignition apart too. Your going to need to reprogram the new ignition lock cylinder with your computer. To reprogram just turn the key to the on position (dont start it) let it sit for 10 minutes, repeat this 3 times. It should be programmed now. Now start it.

I once replaced the distributor and worked to clean the battery posts and all sorts of stuff before finally realizing it was a blown ignition fuse. Van would turn over but not start. replaced the 35 cent fuse and I was on my way..

1975 for the HEI (High Energy Ignition) system (no more ignition points)

I have a 2003 that gave me the same problem. Check the manual. In my case I had to turn the ignition to on and leave it for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes you turn it to off position and then you can turn it back on and start.

try by recycling the ignition on and off about 8 times,make sure battery is good,if ya have to hook a charger to the battery. sometimes this will work if fuel pump is ok.

the wires from the ignition switch need to be replaced.

Its your fuel pump very common on those cars

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