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First, probably 90% of all humans (including you and me) tasted their own feces once before age 2-- it's very common. That said, you should call your doctor to learn about current measures they recommend. When I had my child, it was simply wipe out the mouth with a clean washcloth. Wash their hands with soap and water. And clean up the feces while explaining that feces should not be eaten. It is probably the time you should make "yuck" faces and "eww" when you talk to your young child, to convey how yucky it is. Of course, feces do not taste good, so it should be the only time the kid tries it.

Note: PICA is eating strange things. Talk to your doctor if your child is purposely eating non-edible things.

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Is it true that eminem eats his own feces?


What is it called when an animal eats its own feces?

A strange animal

Is Boyd fairy the largest monkey in the world?

yes, infact he also eats his own feces

What happens if a dog eats human feces?

If a dog eats human feces, assuming that feces is free of parasites, nothing will happen. If the feces does contain parasites, these may infect the animal.

What will happen to a child who eats dog feces?

they will forever be shunned as a complete least i would hope so

Why do children eat their own feces?

Its not natural but i ate mine when i was a child and liked it i think its a phase

What eats stick insect feces?


What should you do if your child eats his own stool?

I would take him/her to the doctor. This is not normal.

Will eating cat feces make a dog sick?

It is possible - there are pathogens and potentially parasites in cat feces that can make your dog sick if he eats the feces.

Does chicken eat their own feces?

Yes chickens do eat their own feces. I use to own some and Ive seen then do it.

What happens if a dog eats pencils?

If a dog eats a colored pencil the result you will find is lead in the feces.

What happens if a hamster eats dog food?

it will have diarrhea or bigger feces

Your golden retriever eats feces what can you give her to stop?

Talk to your vet. They can provide a medication for the dog which with deter its urge to eat feces.

Why would a child smear his feces?

Because he/she is just a child, as precious as they are.

What rabbits eats?

They eat a ton of stuff like grass or timothy hay, My rabbit surprisingly likes bananas, Apples, Lettuce, their own feces, rabbit pellets.

Do turkeys eat their own feces?

Yes. Turkeys do eat their own feces. But whether they do or not depends on how they were raised and lived in clean environments where humans would clean their feces to keep the turkeys from ruining their own taste. On the contrary, wild turkeys taste like feces & you'd know the reason.

Why do dogs eat their own feces?

Dogs need something in their body when they eat their own feces and feces of other animals. They usually do not have a dietary dficiency but it could be some type of medical disorder.

What should you do if your toddler eats feces?

At such a young age, a pica diagnosis is very difficult. Instead, your child may just be going through a developmental phase. There is a lot of study, made famous by Freud, on the stages a child goes through in their sexual development. A toddler (around 2 years old) is in the anal phase- they derive pleasure from everything and anything concerning the anus. They are naturally curious of their bodies and of what comes out of their bodies. Your child may be experimenting with their themselves, which is perfectly natural. However, eating feces is a health risk for your child, as feces can often contain dangerous bacteria and e. coli. The simplest solution would be to keep your child out of any places where there may be feces- change their diaper as soon as possible, and don't throw diapers away where they are accessible to him. If your child has no access to feces, then it will be impossible for her to eat them.

Why does a dog eat it's own feces?

A dog will eat its own feces if it is still hungry or lacking nutrients because feces can still contain some nutrients, but extremely little, and its own feces is another source they know is safe to eat because hyenas drink their own urine during a drought to prevent dehydration. It is a survival instinct.

What if child eats comet?

If a child eats Comet call poison control immediately.

Are marines taught how to cook their own feces?


Do ducks eat their own feces?

yes they do

What should you do if your dog eats its own feces?

It is common, so you could probably say it was normal, but by doing so, he could be ingesting serious disease germs or various worms that live in its gut or heart, or brain. So it is not a good idea to let your pet eat feces.

How does the vorticella get energy?

The Vorticella gets energy by using sunlight as food . It also eats smaller micro-organisms . Sometimes if its really hungry it will eat ANYTHING it can . Even its own feces .

Why do dogs roll in their own feces?

Rolling in feces and carrion is an instinctive ancestral trait to hide its own scent from smaller animals.(hunting and tracking).