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First, probably 90% of all humans (including you and me) tasted their own feces once before age 2-- it's very common. That said, you should call your doctor to learn about current measures they recommend. When I had my child, it was simply wipe out the mouth with a clean washcloth. Wash their hands with soap and water. And clean up the feces while explaining that feces should not be eaten. It is probably the time you should make "yuck" faces and "eww" when you talk to your young child, to convey how yucky it is. Of course, feces do not taste good, so it should be the only time the kid tries it.

Note: PICA is eating strange things. Talk to your doctor if your child is purposely eating non-edible things.

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โˆ™ 2016-07-31 03:41:54
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Q: What do you do if your child eats his own feces?
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