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Drink alot of water every time you smoke more it doubles if your system is clean it is about 3-4 days it may double every time you smoke more. first 3-4 second 6-8 third 12-16 and so on .....

2008-12-27 00:29:37
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Tea to get mariguana out your body?

Nothing but time will get mariguana out of your body - so if you want to get clean do not take it.

Is mariguana addictive?


How long does it take to grow mariguana?

people that wants how to grow mariguana...... you must to bee a to ask tha question

What is mariguana?

its a content reptile, however marijuana...

Is smoking mariguana bad for you?

No it's beneficial

What class is mariguana considered?

Marijuana is a plant

What is the plant called where weed comes from?

mariguana plant

How long does it take urovec to clean your system?


Does cranberry juice clean your system of mariguana?


What is a quick way to get Percocet out of your urine?

Yeah. Freeze it and then pass it through a coffee filter.

How mariguana is used?

roll it up, light it up, inhale, exhale!

What are the side effects of mariguana?

they have speech blur, and they see stuff that isn't there

Would Job Corps accept you if you got caught with Mariguana once?

Sorry but no

How do you spell mariguana?

The usual spelling of the psychoactive herb (Cannabis sativa) is marijuana.

How long will beer stay in your urine for a drug test?

Beer and Alcohol can not be found in a Urine Sample however, if they get to you quick enough it may still show up in a blood sample.

Will Quick Fizz work to pass a drug test?

No, "Quick Fizz" and all the other cleansers sold on the Internet to "beat the test" do not work. You can not mask or cover up the drug metabolites (the digested drug). What Quick Fizz will do is to dilute the urine with more fluid and thereby reduced the concentration of drug metabolites in the urine specimen. However, when you urinate and eliminate the diluted specimen, your blatter will fill up again with urine containing the drug metabolites until the body ultimately cleans itself out over time. Dring water will dilute the urine as much as Quick Fizz or any other "beat the test" product. Keep in mind that if you drink too much water, the urine specimine will be rejected as being highly diluted.

What plants grow best in California?

the mariguana plant is one of the best growing plants.

Home remidies to get mariguana out your body?

Nothing it takes 90 days to leave your system.

What can you do to bring your ecstasy high back?

''smoking mariguana or a simple cigarrete will boost it up =]''

Thas mariguana makes the human body older faster?

No, but it does affect your spelling and grammar. :-)

What function does nitrate plays in the urine?

When nitrites are found during a urine test, further investigation is required to ascertain your true health status. Using a urine test is a quick and inexpensive way to check for nitrite in your urine, and is one of our test kit products that can be done in the privacy of your home.

What is the best synthetic urine?

quick fix is the most easiest,fail proof urine out there.passed two weeks ago.good luck. Quickfix urine you can buy it at or call them at 1-866-420-4574 they ship fast and discreete worked for me!

What can a urine smell coming from the car vents be from?

someone wetting themselves in the car because they couldn't get to a toilet quick enough

What is safer for your health marijuana smoked from a bong or normal cigarettes?

neither, but Mariguana has less chemicals then cigarettes.

What kind of speech is the speech about teenage life?

a speech about teenage life is that use of drugs, mariguana, pregnecy