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You try to lose feelings for this guy. It wouldnt be right for you to have feelings for a guy thats dating a good friend of yours. Put your self in that situation. What would you want your good friend to do if she liked your "boyfriend" ?


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If She/He was a good girlfriend/boyfriend treat them like good friend. If She/He was a bad girlfriend/boyfriend/ treat them like they never existed.

Kindness, honesty, and being a good friend.

Depends. If his girlfriend is the person you hate alot, then I would say the you could go all out. But if his girlfriend is a good friend of yours, tell her that you like him and what ever you do, DO NOT TRY TO END THEIR RELATIONSHIP! This will only result with her hating you and she'll just hold on tighter to him.

If you don't like your girlfriend, ditch her for your best friend

Hmmm, sorry to hear that. find out which friend she is talking about, sounds like she may have some feelings for this friend of yours, good luck

If you are serious about the relationship and like your girlfriend more than the friend, then ignore the feelings and get over it. If you like the friend more than your girlfriend and the friend likes you, then possibly end the relationship and start a new one with your "friend". Don't be scared to break up with your girlfriend and end up cheating on her. Just remember, if you like your girlfriend more, ignore the feelings and move on; and if you like the friend more and the friend likes you, end the relationship.

Yes! The guy i like has a girlfriend and we are good friends and i don't know who his girlfriend is but he said that he liked me. So there is hope!!

tell her that you like her and see if she feels the same way! ;) good luck

Well, it depends on if you like your girlfriend, if your best friend is a girl, then trust me she should like you back.

You should tell him "You are awsome, I know all yours songs, I've been to 10 concerts, so, will you be my ________?(Girlfriend,friend,husband)

Well you have to ask your friend what kind of taste does he like......

if you like him and you wish he was yours but you and him are still friends and you know his wife or girlfriend you can understand by kind of backing off him like making sure it don't look like you like him or you to or together

Because your guy friend has a girlfriend you will have to accept that and if he should break up with his girlfriend that is the time to tell him how you feel and not before.

All you can do is just tell him. If they are a really good friend of yours then they should be okay with it, and even if they don't feel the same way there is no reason why you can't carry on as you were. Good luck!

If he has a girlfriend then he may like you but not as much as his girlfriend. You need to tell him you cannot go out with him while he is still with his girlfriend as it is not fair on you or her.

Do you like that friend who asked you out? If yes, try and be friends with him and when the other friend who has a girlfriend becomes a single, you can be quite closer friends with him. Maybe its a good idea to hold it as a double date like with a group. If he doesn't like that idea, go with him but don't be so romantic, be a little bit playful! Wish you luck!

If you like someone, then its fine, there is nothing more to that. but how do you get a guy to like you get one of your friends to become his or her friend and l8er on wen ur good friends then that friend of yours can talk good things about u and if it doesn't work well am sorry it worked with me:)

Well they are more like companions/good friends, but no way a couple.

Grow up, please. If you like your best friend, you don't love your girlfriend. You girlfriend cheating on you is not reason or justification for you to do it back. You didn't like being cheated on, did you? So why would you do it back? You obviously forgave her & tolerated it. If you can't, LEAVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND. Do not go out with your best friend if you're not single.

If you like a guy and he has a girlfriend then you should back off and only try and be his friend.

The fact that your good guy friend calls you his girlfriend and talks about making out is a good indication that he likes you as more than a friend.

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