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all you have to do is tell her how you feel about her. every girl likes to hear what a guys thinks of her! maybe take her to a movie or somewhere where you are alone and just tell her evrything! you forget her and look for someone else

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How do you make your cousin talk to you more?

you should start talking to your cousin instead of waiting for your cousin to start talking to you. if that doesn't work, then you should find out ways to make your cousin talk. such as finding common ground

Why do co workers start to dislike each other?

coworkers start to dislike each other because they have either dated or dated someone else family and then broke there heart it has happened to my cousin

What is the youngest age someone can start snowboarding?

pretty much as soon as they can long as they are strong enough to stand up on the board without falling they can go. the earlier you start them the better they will be

You like this girl but she thinks i am ugly what can i do?

you should get her to see your good personality. not all girls go on just looks even if she thinks you are not cute if she likes your personality, she might start liking you. Or you can move on to someone else that likes you for you.

Is it wrong to be going out with some one but like someone else?

It is okay but , you should start hanning out with the person you like . becaus know he or she thinks you are taken

What is the falling action of the masque of the red death?

the falling action is when the clock start to tick

What do you say to a friend who thinks of suicide because he thinks no one cares?

Make sure he knows you care about him and be there for him. Tell him you are willing to take him so see someone about these suicidal thoughts as he might need to start using medication. It is important to tell him to call you if he ever considers going through with it, he will need someone to talk him out of it.

How do you get falling sand game started?

well, if you dont have java then the falling sand game wont start

How long can you have sequins on your shoes without them falling off?

My guess would be until they start falling off . . .

When can you start pointe?

You can start pointe when your dance teacher thinks your feet are strong enough ;)

What to say nice about a cousin?

I'm going to assume you don't like your cousin and that's why you need helping picking nice things about them. Obviously I don't know your cousin but first when you want to compliment someone you start with there look, maybe your cousin has a unique style, if not what are they talented at. Everyone has something they're good at. What are they interested in they could be really devoted to a love of country music and then you could say that you're impressed by there devotion.

What is another word for family member that start with c?


How did pax christi start?

because a potato came from the sky and killed someone. Then a Chinese man wanted to stop potatoes from falling from the sky so he hung himself.

Warning signs of an avalanche?

the sky will start falling

When does falling skies season 3 start?


Why should people be scared of earthquakes?

They shouldn't because it usually means that the earths plates are shifting and maybe this can be my opinion but if anyone else thinks earthquakes are scary its because the get scared when a building or house and their items start falling or jumping or shaking.

What is the falling action for Cinderella?

Falling Action is when issues get taken care of and things start to lighten up. The falling action in Cinderella is when she finally meets her Prince and they get married.

What are the diseases caused due to proteins?

We can start falling sick

When do kids teeth start falling out?

Kid's teeth usually starts falling out anytime from ages 4 - 8. Visit

What do you get your 7 year old cousin for his birthday?

a plant, to start beeing responsible

When do people in Mexico start celebrating Christmas?

they start after someone dies or pass away they start after someone dies or pass away they start after someone dies or pass away

How do you make friends with someone after falling out?

Answer You might want to try and appoligise even if you were't in the wrong at least that will start the two of you talking, then hopefully you can resolve the problem that got you to this point in the first place.

Is Chad crushin on Sonny?

Yes. They start going out in 'Falling for the Falls'

Can a ten year old do babysiting?

I think it's ok if some one wants you to babysit for long as you are responsible and reliesble. maybe you should start babysitting your cousin or someone you know really well.

What should you do if your boyfriend thinks your relationships not working?

Start looking for a new boyfriend.