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What do you get when you mix red and green colours?

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If you are using pigments, which are referred to as subtractive colors, like paint, crayons, etc, then you would get a shade of brown.

But, if you are using light, which are referred to as additive colors, like the ones used for TV screens, then you would get the color yellow.

When using acrylic paints, if you use a 3:1 ratio of red to green using cadmium red and phthalo green, you will get gray by adding varying amounts of white to it.

2017-09-15 12:52:18
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What do you get when you mix the colours red and green?

dark green

What is colours to mix to make green?

try red and grey *** To make green you mix true blue with yellow.

What colours do you mix to get broun?

If you want a darker brown, mix Green and Red. If you want I lighter brown I would guess that you mix a lighter green with a lighter red.

What do you add to green to get red?

Red is a base colour. You cannot mix it from other colours.

How do you mix colors to get new colors?

When painting you can mix any of the primary colours together to get new colours. red & blue=purple red & yellow=orange yellow & blue=green

What do you mix to get a secondary color?

Primary colours. Orange, purple and green are the three secondary colours. Any combination of those and/or primary colours after that are tertiary + yellow = orangered + blue = purpleblue + yellow = green

What colors do you mix together to make red?

Red is one of the three primary colours (red, yellow and blue). They are the bases from which other colours are mixed. It is not possible to mix other colours to achieve a primary colour, however, below is a list of the secondary colours achieved by mixing the primary colours. Red + blue = purple. Red + yellow = orange. Blue + yellow = green.

What color do you get if you mix red yellow and green?

If you mix paint of those colours, you will get a brown-black mixture. This is because paints work through absorbing certain colours of light, and mixing all three will result in a mixture which absorbs all of the colours and reflects none or very little. If you mix light of those colours, red and green form yellow, so you would get a yellow colour. Yellow because red + green = yellow and yellow + yellow = yellow.

What colours do you mix to get other colours?

Primary colours are red blue and yellow and you mix combinations of them for new colours!!

What are the 3 prime colours?

Red, Green and Blue. because they can mix to other colors RGB

What colours do you get if you mix red?

With what?

What od you get when you mix red and green?

Red is a primary color. Green is a secondary colour resultant of mixing equal parts of the primary colours, Yellow and Blue. When you mix all three of the primary colours together you get some form of brown or in some cases grey.

What colors should you mix for orange color?

its rather simple really orange - yellow and red green - yellow and blue purple - red and blue yellow, red and blue are primary colours and you mix them to make the secondary colours orange, green and purple are secondary colours and you mix them to make the rest then black and white are used to adjust the tint, tone and shade of the paint so orange would be yellow and red

Blue red green light mix and turn into what light?

If you combine blue, red and green light (the primary colours of light) it turns into white light.

What are red blue and green colours?

red and blue are 2 of the three primary colors. green is a secondary color because you mix blue and yellow to make it.

What two colors should you mix to create a primary color?

You can't mix colours to make the primary colours which are Red, Blue and Yellow. You can make purple by red and blue, orange by red and yellow, green by blue and yellow or brown by red, blue and purple.

What colours do you mix to make silver?

yello green blu blck red majenta orange etc...

What colours do you mix to get burgundy?

You mix purple and red.

What are the primary mixing colors?

Red, Blue, and Green. Red Blue and Yellow are the primary colours of pigment used to mix colour.

How is the color of a mixture of primary pigments determined?

The 3 primary colours: red, yellow and blue will, when mixed in differing proportions, produce secondary colours. For instance: mix red and yellow, and the secondary colour produced is orange. Mix blue and yellow for green. Mix red and blue for purple.

What are the complimentary colors?

The three primary colours, red, yellow and blue, each have a complimentary colour. The complimentary colour of red is green, that of yellow is purple and that of blue is orange. You may note that each complimentary colour is a mix of the other two primary colours. E.g. Complimentary colour of red is green, because green is a mix of blue an yellow, etc.

What are primary and secondry colors?

Primary 'colours' or 'colors' in the usa are red, blue and yellow . Secondary colours are the colours made by mixing primary colours, E.G. Red and Blue = Purple, Yellow and Blue = Green, Red and Yellow = Orange. Hope this helps P.s if you mix secondary colours you get tertiary colours.

What colours do you mix to get orange?

red and yellow colours can be used

What colors using green can you mix to create red?

You cannot make the colour red by mixing other colours, it is a primary colour so it is used to create other secondary colours

What colours do you mix to make pale green?

You have to mix viridian green and white (or light green) and yellow to get pale green.