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Q: What do you have to do to go on eastenders and where do you go?
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EastEnders will peggie get to go back to the vic in the end?

Yes i want her to go back pliss!!!!!! eastenders

How can you go into the series Eastenders?

EastEnders only hires professional actors and actresses

Does Lauren go to prison eastenders?


Who will Ryan go out with in eastenders?

Stacey slater

Eastenders does Lauren and peter go back out?


Anyone know where you can watch eastenders eps from about 2003 - 2005?

yeah check on youtube or go onto eastenders youtube which is i think

What is the website for eastenders?

The website for eastenders is

What school does jay of eastenders go to?

walford east high school

Has janine left eastenders?

No she hasn't left and has no plans to go any time soon.

When does Kat Slater go into labor on EastEnders?

New Year 2010.

Does Whitney dean go back out with tyler moon eastenders?


Where can you see Tiffany's last 3 episodes on DVD from eastenders?

You cant unless you buy the whole series of EastEnders or mystreiously go back in time and watch them again. --- You can't buy EastEnders episodes on DVD.

Is bianca leaveing eastenders?

yes patsy palmer who plays bianca will be leaveing eastenders later this year as she has to go of on her maternity leave as she is expecting a baby later this year

What is the proper name of eastenders?

Eastenders was originaly going to be called "E8 or E20" but then one of the directors came up with "Eastenders" so, to be honest, Eastenders is the proper name of Eastenders.

Where can you find all the eastenders games?

On the EastEnders website at

Where did Ronnie from eastenders go to school?

Ronnie went to Monkfield Secondary School

Where did grant mithcell go to on eastenders?

grant mitchell moved to a house in Brazil.

How did tifany from eastenders get on te show?

like all cast members. she went to acting school. or a acting club thing, then eastenders goes to 2 or 3 acting schools/clubs and does auditions. so if you want to go in a soap (eg, Eastenders) Then you should go to a acting club/school. :) Hope this helped :D Ben.

How can you audition for a new role in eastenders?

Go to acting school then look it up on the internet.

Does janine get Stacy arrested in eastenders?

No Stacey leaves with lilly to go to another country

Who was Lizzie cundy in eastenders?

She was never in EastEnders.

Does tanye die on eastenders?

No she does not die on Eastenders.

What are the ratings and certificates for Eastenders 15 Years of EastEnders - 2000 V?

Eastenders 15 Years of EastEnders - 2000 V is rated/received certificates of: UK:PG

How old is ben from eastenders?

Ben from eastenders is 14.

Who was married to carol brannan in eastenders?

Eastenders person