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What do you have to know when you take your permit test?


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You better know how to drive. Your permit lets you drive on the road just like everyone else, so you better know all of the rules of the road. If you are trying to search for the questions for the permit test, please let us know when/where you are planning on driving, so we can all avoid that area. The last thing we need in another unqualified driver on the road.


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Yes you must take a test to get your learners permit.

No you can not. You must schedule an appointment at the DMV to take your permit test in Nevada.

No if ur over 18 you need your adult permit. You need a valid permit present to take the test

In the state of Nebraska you can take your learner's permit test 30 days before your birthdayy..

depending on what state you are in you take a written test for the permit and the driving on the driving test.

In Connecticut you can get your learners permit when you are 16. You will have to take a written test, have your parents permission, and take an eye test.

as i know you need to obtain a drivers permit for 6 months and then you are allowed to try for your drivers license. at least that is how it is in Florida

Need to know what permit you're asking about.

yes you can if its a safe place. If not you can take the the test.

no. you have to do drivers ed before you take the permit test at dmv. i started the course at 15 but you have to be 15 1/2 to take the permit test.

Yes, you can take a learners permit when you are 14.

Does anyone know if you can take your drivers test to get your permit 6 months before your 16th birthday?

If you want to know what kind of questions will be on the permit test, they have sample questions on the DMV website and many apps with sample questions. However, you are not allowed to know the actual questions until you actually take the test because it is illegal. The questions and their order varies from test to test. But if you study, you should be fine.

if you go to the dmv to take the test you can get it right then but if you take the test online you have to wait 24 hours

Before getting your learner's permit, you have to pass a written test. However, for many hopeful drivers, taking the test can be intimidating. Before you take the actual learner's permit test, you can try taking the practice test. The practice test will go over everything you need to know for the actual test such as road signs and laws. You can take the test as many times as you need until you feel comfortable and confident enough to take the actual test. You can find the practice test on most state DMV websites.

you dont get it on the have to go to a dmv..

16 if you get your permit at that time. when your 15 you have to take classes for a couple of weeks than you take your test and get your permit if you pass at 16 you take the actual test and see if you get your license

no ! that is why it is called a permit ! and not a lesince ***In Colorado (Boulder County at least) there is a short written test to obtain a learners permit and an eye exam.

The online permit test can be practices with online tests. However, you must be present at the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain the driver's permit.

The road rules section of the permit test is challenging, the sign test is easy as long as you study the book or take a practice test you will be fine

Check the laws for the state you are in. In Oregon you may take your road test without a permit if you are over 18, but you can not legally drive on public roads otherwise without a permit.

no you don't bet drug tested, and if you are scared you can take the test online

To get your permit you need to take the D.A.T.E course. This stands for Drug, Alcohol, Traffic, Education. Then you just take your actual permit test and you are good to go

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