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Tesla used to say how "a mysterious radiation, which comes out of the ether". Also how energy can be delivered wireless. So here comes the black box. Tesla converted a Pierce Arrow fitted with an electric engine. This engine lacked the effort of charging it like most modern electric vehicle. From somewhere in the Niagara falls where the hydroplant was made, The pierce arrow received the current keeping the car charged and going. The black box was the device that we could call the receiver. It concisted of 12 tubes. Tesla's financieers did not like the idea giving power for free thus they cut the funds for this particular series of work.

Somehow I think Tesla keep this secret very well hidden. He had suffered from other people patenting inventions he iventeded like the radio.The black box was a major invention. He guarded it. But this work is hidden inside some of the patents the made.

If you study some 17 patents of Tesla, you will understand how it was made and works.

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Q: What do you know about Nikola Tesla's Black Box?
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