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Help to answer spotting a Jordan fakeI am still in need of an answer myself for an early Jordan card in my collection and I have found the following "somewhat" helpful (info pertains to Baseball cards, but still useful I think.)

Find a common card from the same set and compare the weight, dot pattern in the letters and photo sharpness and feel. Weight is tough because a 1/10 of a gram variance, according to Beckett, raises red flags. What normal person has a scale to measure that, anyway? Get an ANNUAL Beckett Price guide (retail $29.95) and there should be helpful counterfeit info inside. My Baseball 2006 Beckett annual guide has guidelines for spotting counterfeits and I have to assume the Basketball has the same?

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โˆ™ 2010-01-14 11:02:16
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Q: What do you look for when you suspect you have a fake Michael Jordan card?
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