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What do you mean by computer designing?


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That question is very vague so I dont know if you will get an answer.


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How computer is used in interior designing?

Computer designing can be difficult, especially if your not real good with computers. Here is a site to go to just to get you started. If you want to get started with computer designing, you would want to take some classes on computer designing. Here is a site that will give you a list of schools.

Depends what you mean. Computer programming is the actual act of writing code for the computer. Computer design could mean two things. First, software design. This is not coding, so would thus not be considered computer programming. Usually it could mean either graphic manipulation or designing software by way of a visual aid. If you meant design as in the actual act of designing the hardware of a computer, then no. Obviously they are two completely different things.

Computer engineer, Web designing, Animator

Computer-Aided Designing

The best com[uter desinged is apple computer

Online, one can find information about computer program designing from Cogswell, or XSitePro. From these websites, you can find out a lot about computer program designing.

The computer technology refers to the activity of constructing and designing and the programming of computers.

because it will be adapted yto your needs and what you want in a computer.

Creating, Designing, Programming, etcetera computer hardware and software.

These amazing people are called computer programmers! :P

In Computer Science Engineering & IT you learn computer graphics to work or 2D & 3D model in future that could be logo designing , web designing and game designing. Also 2D graphics can be use to create database schema blue print.

Computer has become a way of life.From web designing to content building from home to cooking tips...all from a computer now.

Yes, though the two terms are often given different definitions. In general "software engineering" has to do with designing and creating software, while "computer engineering" has to do with designing and creating hardware.

In computer design the geometrical objects are requried to visualise the algoritmic steps of problem domain.

In 10 years from 2014, all fashion designing will be computer generated. Not many designs will be done by hand.

1. The art and science of designing and erecting buildings. 2. A style and method of designing and construction.

they help when designing things on a computer

Which computer companies is best for creating fashion

Graphic Designing are two words Graphic means Graph to show something in pictorial form and designing mean show something in easy, attractive and understandable form.

Computer aided drafting is also known as CAD. This is defined as the use of computer techniques in designing products, especially involving the use of computer graphics.

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