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First of all you need a degree in criminology, a minor in physics chemistry and even Biology. You also need to get trained, for the job.

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Q: What do you need to be a CSI?
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What are the requirements to be a CSI?

You need to have lots of training in math and science. Because csi is mostly all about science.

Do you need a criminal justice degree to be a csi?

Yes or no

What is the role of a CSI?

CSI stands for Crime Scene Investigation. As the name suggests, the CSI comes where there is need to thoroughly investigate any crime scene. CSI generally uses trained professionals and advanced technology to find what the normal police department can't find.

What is the difference of real CSI and TV CSI?

what is the diffrent between the real csi and the tv csi

Do CSI people question people?

yes, cause they need clue and withnesses

Kinds of attractive forces that need to be overcome to dissolve CsI in HF?


How can I become a CSI?

=Go to a collage before you start high school and ask them what subjects you need to know to become a CSI and also tel your teachers and princable they can help you=

How many CSI shows are there?

There are 3 CSI series running: the "original" CSI set in Las Vegas, CSI Miami, and CSI New York.

How would I go about becoming a csi investigator?

It depends on what kind of CSI type job you want to apply for. You will most likely need a degree in criminology, but if you want to work examining the evidence, you will need to specialize in one of the sub-fields.

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Which is the original csi?

The original CSI show is the CSI set in Las Vegas, Nevada- CSI New York and CSI Miami were started due to the top ratings from the original CSI and have also had high ratings

What type of degree do you need to become a crime scdne investigator?

I have no clue but it is fun being a CSI and I need help myself......

Why do CSI need speaking skills?

because you need it for interrogating and getting information that other police officers or detectives couldn't get.

Do you need a certain GPA to be a CSI?

im not sure all i know is now you need to pass the algebra2/trigonometry class. and not be failing any class. the standards keep going up for csi. its overpopulated because they accepted people who were failing.

When did csi start?

CSI: October 6, 2000 CSI Miami: 2002

When does csi start?

csi is on now

What is the name of csi theme song?

Who are you - The Who (CSI Vegas) Won't get fooled again - The Who (CSI Miami) Baba O'Reily - The Who (CSI NY)

Will there be a CSI Chicago?

there might, there might not. there is already a csi las Vegas, csi Miami, and csi ny. Chicago would be another great city, but im not sure.......ROCK ON CSI!

What is the song on csi?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: The Who - Who Are YouCSI: Miami: The Who - Won't Get Fooled AgainCSI: NY: The Who - Baba O'RileyIt is safe to say that the creators of the CSI series are very into The Who.

How old do you have to be to become a csi?

probleply over 20 because you need to take all the things to be CSI like schooling and biolagy and criminology so it'll take about 20 or over

Where can I take CSI classes?

When you need to find information about csi classes, the best place to start would be an online medical university. They will list the programs with the certificate awarded at the end of the course.

Who is the new girl on CSI Los Angeles?

CSI: Los Angeles is not a current TV show. CSI: (Los Vegas)/ CSI: Miami/CSI: NY are the current CSI shows on television while the new NCIS is based in Los Angeles.

Who does Justin Bieber play on 'CSI'?

Justin Bieber plays Jason McCann on CSI.

What kind of education do you need for csi?

To be an eligible CSI agent you need a minimum of 4 years bachelor for Science degree grade of 80+ in one of the following: biology, biochemistry, chemistry, medical laboratory science.Note:this may only apply to Canada

What are the CSI songs?

If you are talking about the theme songs. CSI : Who's Next CSI Miami : Wont Get Fooled Again CSI NY : Baba O'Reilly by The Who