What do you need to set up a satellite television system?

To set up a satellite television system, you will need the following equipment: * A Satellite Dish: This is a parabolic reflector which can be made of solid aluminum, perforated aluminum or wire mesh. It is by far the most visible part of a satellite system. The dish can be small, such as a KU-band dish which is 3-4 feet, average that is 7-12 feet, or the big commercial C-band dish which is 16-20 feet. The 10 feet size dish is the most commonly used one. The dish helps to relay the microwave signals coming from the satellites. * A Mount: A mount is set on a 3-inch pipe which is in turn set in the ground with concrete. The most popular type of dish mount is the Polar Mount, which is so called as it is developed to coincide with the earth