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There is nothing more flattering when someone has a crush on you. Even better when the feeling is mutual. I know I have a crush on someone too and so many times I wish I could approach this person. In my case, this person is off limits as he is a big manager in my company and he is married, however, I don't know much about your crush. Is she single, is she a coworker or fellow classmate. Find out what her interests are and go from there. Just get enough courage to ask her out. That's how most people start dating because someone had the courage enough to make the first move. If you don't, someone else just might. Hope this helps Confessing a crush is a mushy thing to tell so all you must do is be nice to that person but not go right up to her/him cause that would surely give it away. -Lovey

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Q: What do you say to a girl that you have a crush on?
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How realize to girl of your love of first crush?

say wha?

Why would a shy girl and her dad simply say thank you when the girl's brother wishes them a happy birthday from the girl's crush?

The girl and dad both want her crush to get to know her and they think that by the brother telling her crush that,that he will start talking to the shy girl beause that's her brother

What do you do if people say that you have a crush on a boy and you say no but secretly do?

The best thing to do if people say that a person has a crush on a boy and the other person says no but secretly does is to ignore them. One way to get a guy to know if a girl has a crush on him is to always smile at him.

What do you say to a girl that you have a crush on in your same grade?

you melt my cheese, yo

What to do when you are nervous calling a girl you have a crush on?

you should play smooth and say hi and say nice things about them.

What do you say to a girl you like if you are 14?

If you want the girl to know you like her, just tell her. You could do it with a cute little grin and say, "You know I have a crush on you!"

Why would a shy girl say she's embarrassed when referring to her crush?

Im a shy girl and im imbarassed when refering to my crush. Its just her personality and isn't as out going as some people.

Do you have a girl crush?

i have a huge crush on one girl but I don't no if she likes me

What do you say to the person who has a crush?

Just support them, even if the guy/girl is out of your friends league, support is the most valuable thing to them while they have a crush.

How do you get a girl to crush on you?

to get her to crush on you be bad I'm a girl the more the boy is bad the more i like them if my guy were to ask me out right now i would say yes in a second {like that will ever happen}

How do you talk to your girl crush you barely know?

introduce yourself and say hi, get to know her.

How come a shy girl say she is embarrassed by her crush instead of saying she is embarrassed being around him especially when her friends approve of him?

A girl should never be embarrassed by her crush in any given situation. It also sounds like the friends would be lying that they approve of him. Either her friends have lied to the crush, or the girl lied to her crush that her friends approve of him.

How do you get a crush to kiss you?

if your a girl id say " when are you gonna kiss me?" If your a guy Id say 'When Can I kiss you? cause i really want to."

What to do if the girl you have a crush on likes somebody else?

Start a new crush on a new girl.

What should you say when you have a crush on a girl?

Just tell her! you never know She may like you too.

What do you say to your crush that likes you back?

I like this girl whos friend came and asked me if i liked my crush, which from my experience means that my crush likes me. WHAT DO I DO???? IM 13 this is my first oppotunity to get a girlfriend that i like. HELP!!

What are the signs if your crush likes another girl?

If your crush likes another girl, he will tease that girl, and stare at her all the time.

Why would a shy girl refuse an offer from her crush but shortly after accept the same offer from her parents?

Maybe she is too shy to say yes to her crush but will say yes to her parents because she knows her parents better than she knows her crush. I hope this information helps you!

Why did a shy girl say goodbye to her parents before going to a sleepover and not her crush and brother?

Because she's going to a sleepover-not a big thing. And why would she say goodbye to her crush or brother-would they have really cared?

What should you do when you have kissed you friend's crush?

Depends if you like their crush too bad for them, if you don't just tell the boy/girl you dont like them but your friend does see what they say

How do you tell a girl that you like her a lot and have this huge crush on her?

You tell her exactly that. All you do is look in her eyes, and say ( whatever her name is) I have a huge crush on you, and I like you a lot. Tell her how long you have had a crush on her, and tell her what you like about her. Be confident, and be yourself!! ( I am a girl, I just wanted to let whoever asked that question know)

How can you get your girl crush to hug you?

I am a girl so I would say when u are leaving each other be like " are u a hugger??" if yes hug if no say " bye ____ c ya soon" and wink

Would you rather questions for your crush?

Ask wud he rather meet u or meet another girl nd stuff like tat is what i'd say 2 my crush :)

Your friends say that your girl crush is unattractive what should you do?

So what? Maybe one of them has a crush on her and are trying to divert you? If my friend didn't find my boyfriend attractive it wouldn't bother me at all really. Infact, in girl-world that would be a relief, haha.

Should you crush on a straight girl?

If you are a woman, you are setting yourself up for disappointment by having a crush on a straight girl.

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