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Happy Ex-Valentines Day

Hey. How are you?

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Q: What do you say to an ex on Valentine's Day?
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How Do You Say Happy Valentine's Day in Amharic?

"Melcome Valentines ken" Happy valentines day in Amharic.

Thing to say to an ex boyfriend on valentines day?

Just simply tell him your thoughts. If you still have feelings for him then tell him that you still want to be his girl. If you despise him then say so...

How do say Valentine's Day in Navajo?

happy valentines day

How do you ask a girl what they want for valentines?

it depends if you are dating them,if you are, just say" I want to make this Valentines day special for you, what should I get you that will make that happen?"if you aren't say..."are you dating someone?"(answer is yes) "what do you think he is getting you for Valentines day?"-(i dont know) "well what do you want""whatdo you think he is getting you for Valentines day?"(ex. chocolates) "is there anything else you might like?"if they arent dating say..."what do you want, i mean... if your not dating i might as well get you something!"lol hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is a good acrostic poem for valentines day?

Love Obvious Valentine Elegant

Is it bad to dump someone the day before valentines?

I think so... My ex didn't

Should I buy a valentines day gift for my ex?

if u still like her then es if not... then... NO

How do you say valentines day in Russian?

herpa ler

How do you say happy Valentines day in Kenya?


How do you say happy Valentine's Day in Polish?

Happy Valentines Day

How do you say Happy Valentine's Day in Ukrainian?

Happy valentines day larysa

What do you say on a card that you give to your boyfriend for valentines day?

I love you

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