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The word depends on your Trainer ID. You get a wallpaper if say the right word.

Here is a website that generates the word you should use.

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Where is the Devon company in Pokemon emerald?

Rustboro City

In Pokemon emerald where is the rustboro flower shop?

The Flower Shop is south of Rustboro city

Where do you get cut in Pokemon Emerald?

In Rustboro city in the cutters house.

How do you get TimerBall IN Pokemon Emerald?

go in rustboro city pokemart

How do you get to rusturf cave in Pokemon Emerald?

Go east of rustboro city.

How do you buy timer ball in Pokemon emerald?

Rustboro city, where else...

Where is petalburg woods in Pokemon Emerald?

"Where is petalburg woods in Pokemon emerald?"Petalburg woods is west of petalburg city and south of rustboro city on route 104 in Pokemon emerald.

Where can i find time balls on Pokemon Emerald time balls on Pokemon Emerald?

you can only get timer balls on rustboro city pokemart on emerald

Where do you buy timerballs in Pokemon emerald?

in Rustboro City. finish the Pokemon League first ok?

Where to get cut in Pokemon Emerald?

in the house left of the poke center in rustboro city

How do you get cut in Pokemon emerald and were?

you get cut in rustboro city in the cut masters house

What city is the Devon corp place in pokemon emerald?

to the left of the rustboro gym

Where can you find rustboro city in Pokemon emerald?

go through the petalburg woods

Where is roxxanne located on emerald pokemon?

Roxanne is the leader of the Rustboro City gym.

Were is the Devon corp in Pokemon emerald?

It is the big building in the north-west of rustboro city.

Where is rusturve cave on Pokemon Emerald?

East from Rustboro city you can find Rusturf Tunnel.

Where can you get plusle in Pokemon emerald?

i think you get it in the route before rustboro city hope this helps:-)

Where could you get cut in Pokemon emerald?

in the house left of the poke center in rustboro city

Where is the flower shop in pokemon emerald?

route 104 technically. North of the Petalburg Woods and South of Rustboro city. Going from Rustboro is fastest.

Where can you find people in the game Pokemon emerald to trade with?

In houses in rustboro city, pacifidlog town, fortree city.

Where to catch nincada in pokemon emerald?

Near Rusturf Tunnel, north-east from Rustboro City.

Where do you get a pokenav in Pokemon emerald?

in rustboro city you must go to the Devon corporation and talk to the president

Where is the first gym in Pokemon emerald?

The first gym leader is in a town called RustBoro City

When will May give you the EXP Share in Pokemon Emerald?

She doesn't. The President in Rustboro City gives it to you.

Where is PP Up in Pokemon Emerald?

the is one on the bridge to rustboro city to the right and there is one underwater