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Maya Angelou's purpose in telling the story of "The Champion of the World" is to highlight the strength and unity of the Black community amidst adversity. Through the narration of a significant boxing match and the community's intense emotional reaction to it, Angelou showcases how moments of triumph can serve as symbols of hope and resilience. She also sheds light on the importance of communal solidarity and mutual celebration in the face of racial oppression.

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The author's purpose in telling this story is because when he was growing up black people were slaves, lower type of humans and were mistreated. As well as in howone black man can affect the African American race in either defeat or victory.

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The main point in Maya Angelou's Champion of the World was this: regardless of the repression and hatred white people felt towards African Americans at the time, that Joe Lois overcame it all and became the worlds champion. this means 1 things no matter how bad things are going if you believe in yourself you can overcome any obstacle

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Q: What do you take to be the author's purpose in telling the Champion of the world - angelou?
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