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Q: What do you think Mao meant when he called on students to root out the poisonous weeds in the schools?
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9th grade math can vary throughout high schools in different places.Most schools have Algebra I as the standard math course.Some high schools offer more advanced classes for smarter people, and offer courses for 9th graders that are meant for 10th or 11th grade students. This means that some schools offer geometry, and even sometimes Algebra II/Trigonometry.

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what is meant by school cafeteria tables ?

School cafeteria tables are usually bench tables that are used in cafeterias. These are put in schools to allow students a place to eat. Integrity Furniture offers these.

Many southern states try to block school segregation by?

All of the above

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It means it specific software for students rather than for at home. It is meant for college or in school kids because its meant to help develop there young minds.

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What is the modifier in the following sentence the family disagreed about the decision which meant the kids would be changing schools and homes?

The modifier in the sentence is "which meant the kids would be changing schools and homes," as it provides additional information about the decision that the family disagreed about. It acts as a relative clause modifying the noun "decision."

What did laws against racial segregation in schools in 1954 mean to the state?

The overturning of laws against racial segregation in schools in 1954, through the Brown v. Board of Education decision, meant that states were required to desegregate schools. This decision was a significant step towards ending institutionalized racism and discrimination in the education system. States were mandated to ensure equal access to education for all students regardless of race.