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Q: What do you think is the strongest argument in favor of eliminating the peremptory challenge In favor of retaining it?
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Who wins the strongest challenge in twilight saga breaking part 2?

edward, jacob,and bella

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Did Alexander the Great say something before he died?

'To the strongest'. It could be implied that, not having nominated a successor, this was his challenge to the aspirants.

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You don't need to utilize your strongest area, what you want to try to do is improve the areas where you're not so strong, you need to challenge yourself, otherwise you shall never improve.

What is the strongest act of friendship in the movie October Sky?

they shown that no matter what happen as long as they are build as a group, they would be pass in every challenge.

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The strongest pokemon and the powerfull is MEWTOW . you might say Arceus he created the world of pokemon , but he dident create MEWTOW , mewtow created by human , here , the difference between the tow , there is a challenge between these tow . And abuot the new pokemon kyrum his power level of like lugia and others they not on level mewtow and arceus . in my opinion it must become a challenge between these tow to decide who is the strongest in the world of pokemon .

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Well you can re-challenge the Elite 4 and the champion or you could go to Johto battle the gym leaders there and go to MT. Silver to battle strongest opponent RED.

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the strongest mineral is the diamond, actually the strongest mineral is the quartz and the strongest rock is diamond

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