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well you gave me no names but Jason,Cory and Noah Are my faves

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Q: What do you think of these two boy names?
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In The First Part Last by Angela Johnson what are Bobby's two friends names?

i think K-boy and J.L.

Homophone for boy's name?

homophones for boy's names are Phil and fill . i think that is what it is .

What was the names of Hernando de soto kids?

I am almost positive that he had two kids. He had a girl and a boy. GIRL-MARY DE SOTO. BOY- HENERY DE SOTO. i think that those are the names

What are colonial times boy names?

i think Edward is one of them

What TV show had a orange robot he had a horse and there were two other robots a boy and a girl i think the girl names was rose the blue knight?

I think it was SD gundam force.

What is niall horans favorite boy names?

I think it's Jordan

What were the two names for the two atomic bombs?

Little Man and Fat Boy.

I am having a boy and I am naming him Nova can you think of any middle names?


What does it mean when this boy and his other guy friends calls you names?

When a boy calls you names, there is more than one possibility of what it could mean: 1. The boy who calls you names might like you. When a boy likes you, they might tease you in a joking way. 2. The boy who calls you names might think you're annoying, so he calls you names. 3. The boy might be mean, and call everyone names.

What boy name means truth?

Two boy names meaning truth are Amin and Amittai, both Arabic.

Cute boy names?

Matt♥♥♥Nathan kress (:

What aregood Canadian baby boy names?

Well, there are a lot of names to choose from, and the names you choose should be ones that fit best with what you think the child deserves.