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Q: What do you think should be the right solution to the political problem in Northern Ireland?
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Who had to do with the northern Ireland problem?


Can you get durolane in northern Ireland on south of Ireland prescription?

not if you are using the general medical services (NHS in Northern Ireland), but if you have a private prescription from your GP there is no problem

Is caste system the solution in political problem?


What has the author Denis P Barritt written?

Denis P. Barritt has written: 'Northern Ireland--a problem to every solution' -- subject(s): Peace, Politics and government, Societies, Violence

What group wants northern Ireland to become part of Ireland?

It would be safe to say that the Irish Catholics in Northern Ireland would be happy if that part of the UK became part of Ireland. It would however, cause another problem, namely the Protestants of Northern Ireland would be extremely displeased and it could cause more conflicts.

What are the two countries that occupy Ireland?

Technically there are two states sharing the island of Ireland - which is the root of the "Irish question/problem" : northern Ireland is part of the united kingdom, and the republic of Ireland (officially called Ireland) is an independent state.

Is sectarianism a major problem in the GAA?

It is still a problem in Northern Ireland, but not to the extent that it was. There are more important and serious problems and issues for the GAA. In other parts of Ireland sectarianism is not really an issue.

What were the problems in Northern Ireland?

theres only one problem in the north people who want to be English.

Have there been terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland?

Through its history, and particularly between the troubles that ran from the late 1960s to the late 1990s, there have been many terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland, though it is not a problem in modern times.

Is a foreigner living in Ireland need a visa to northern Ireland?

That will depend on various factors, like the nationality of the person and their status in Ireland in terms of whatever visa they may have come to Ireland on and be still using. If they are an Irish citizen, then it is not a problem.

What is the major problem in Northern Ireland involving the United Kingdom?

It has a long and complex history, but in simple terms, many people in Northern Ireland want to be part of the United Kingdom and many people in Northern Ireland want to be part of a united Ireland. This has led to many problems, from simple disputes right up to terrorism. Things are considerably calmer there now, compared to the height of the troubles in the 1970s and 1980s.

Did the peace process spread to the Republic of Ireland?

The troubles were almost exclusively confined to Northern Ireland, so it didn't really need to spread to the Republic of Ireland as such. During the course of the troubles there were incidents in the Republic of Ireland and in Britain, but the centre of the problem lay in Northern Ireland. Once the peace process was established there, things improved. The Irish and British governments were part of the peace process insofar as they helped the parties in Northern Ireland to work together and gave them support in many other ways.