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Q: What do you use a long leg cast for?
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What is the most common use of a leg cast?

The most common use of a leg cast is to keep a broken leg in one place so it doesn't shift during the healing process. This is essential to the future function of the affected limb.

What is a leg cast called in England?

A leg cast in England is commonly known as a 'leg cast' or simply a 'cast' or 'plaster cast'.

How can you get good exercise with a leg cast?

Get one of bicycle excursie bike and use it

Grand daddy long leg or daddy long leg?

Daddy Long Leg

What is the CPT code for post surgery for an application of a new long leg cast?


Why did long john silver use a clutch?

He only had one leg.

What can you do to heal a hairline fracture?

You must not use the leg or arm. Rest it as much as possible or use a cast or boot.

Can you walk with a cast on?

Yes, if your leg is healed enough. You usually use crutches for the 1st couple of weeks. If your leg's only sprained, you can walk as well.

How can you fake a broken leg?

either put a cast on or actually break your leg

What do you get if you don't use your leg muscle for a long period of time?

You can feel or will fell tight where you didn't use it

One leg of a right triangle measure 10 and the hypotenuse measures 26 How long is the other leg?

Use Pythagoras: 24 units

Are true statements about a 30-60-90 triangle?

.The hypotenuse is twice as long as the shorter leg The longer leg is twice as long as the shorter leg.