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flush it down the toilet in the boys bathroom and then click the flusher

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Q: What do you use the toilet paper for in riddle school 3?
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What kind of adhesive do they use in toilet paper?

There is no adhesive in toilet paper.

Why can you only use toilet paper in toilets?

because its called TOILET PAPER

Who were the first people to use toilet paper?

The first people to use and invent toilet paper were the Chinese.

How many people use toilet paper?

99.9% of people on earth use toilet paper Wrong. Hardly 15% world population uses/afford toilet paper.

What did the Vikings use as toilet paper?

They used cotton wool as toilet paper or leaves

How many varieties of toilet paper should I use?

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Do British use toilet paper?

Yes, every nationally, every race, and every person should use toilet paper.

Why did authur Scott created paper towels?

Arthur Scott created the paper towel, because one day he received a train full of paper that he was going to use to make toilet paper with. But, the paper inside the train was to thick to make toilet paper. Recently Arthur had heard of a school teacher using pieces of paper for her children to blow their nose in, so as not to contaminate the bathroom toilet paper dispensers with germs. He decided to use his paper to do so also.

Should you flush your toilet paper or throw it in the basket?

flushing ones toilet paper depends on the grade, you shouldn't be throwing heavy or very course toilet paper into the toilet as it causes blockages. keep to thin toilet paper for when actually using the toilet and use the heavier and courser toilet paper for when drying your hands and put it into the basket.

Do giraffes use Toilet Paper?

yes they do use toilet paper. they use it to wipe poo of there bums.there bum gets really messy. they some times get diarea

When using public rest rooms is it recommended to use the paper toilet seat?

If there are no seat covers, it is preferred to use toilet paper because the real toilet seat might have germs or dirt on it.

Can l use toilet paper for food?

No, toilet paper has no nutritional value and the body would struggle to break it down.