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Well you can use many different tools but i would first find the radious

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Q: What do you use to measure the circumference of the globe?
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Which is the longest Circle in the globe?

The largest line of circumference on the globe is the Equator.

How do you get the radius?

use a ruler to measure the length between the origin and the circumference

What is the circumference of your mom?

To find this, you'd use a cloth tape measure and measure around her.

How do you convert circumference to meters?

A circumference is just a length, it can be in meters, feet, yards, or whatever unit you use to measure or calculate it.

How big should the continents be if the circumference of the globe is 43 inches?

The circumference of the earth is about 24,880 miles, so a globe with a circumference of 43 inches would have a scale of approximately 578 miles per inch.

How do you get circumference for the circle?

Measure the diameter. Multiply the diameter by Pi, this will give the circumference. Pi is approximately 3.1415927 You can use the Pi symbol on a scientific calculator or use 22/7.

How can you measure the distance between two city on a globe?

Use a piece of string to measure between the two cities and then measure the string with a ruler.

How do you measure the diameter of a metal pole?

You could use a pair of calipers. Alternatively, measure its circumference using a piece of string and divide the measure by pi.

What did the Greeks use geometry for?

For one thing, they calculated (very accurately, too) the circumference of the Earth. They already knew that the Earth was a globe.

Why would you use a formula to determine the circumference of a circle rather than measuring the circumference?

Because the circumference of a circle isn't a straight line its hard to measure, even if you have a flexi-ruler, your never going to be able to line it up to get an exact measurement. Therefore its much easier to measure the diameter and use the formula

How do you measure girth?

You measure the girth of something by using a flexible or cloth measuring tape. Use this measuring tape to wrap around the object to measure the circumference.

How do you discover pi?

First draw a circle using a compass. Now, use a piece of string to help measure the circumference of the circle. Now measure the diameter of the circle. To discover Pi divide the circumference by the diameter.