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Honor cords, they are typically gold.

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During commencement, cap and gown.

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Q: What do you wear when graduating summa cum laude in college?
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If I am graduating from nursing school with a bachelors but already have a masters do I wear my master's hood at graduation?

You wear the garb appropriate to the degree you are receiving on that day.

Where would it be appropriate to wear college shirts?

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What is proper attire for basic training graduation?

Depends on what the graduation is from, exactly. If you're graduating from Basic Combat Training, Advanced Individual Training, or One Station Unit Training, you'll wear whichever uniform you're directed to - usually Class A or Class B uniform, although you might have to wear BDUs.. well, ACUs now.. if you're tasked to perform a demonstration of sorts for the spectators. If you're graduating from jump school, PLDC, BNCOC, air assault school, etc., you'll probably be wearing ACUs. If you're attending a graduation, you wear whatever. It's not a black tie affair.

Should college students need to wear uniforms?

No, because they are all older than 18 and should be able to choose what they wear in college.

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Some people wear sweatbands or wristbands, but not everyone does.

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we are liberty

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