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young people want to read about things that are going on in schools and how are people planning to help like bullying for example there are a lot of people out their that want to put an end to bullying and stop the high rate of suicides in schools so we can have a higher rate in graduating students and maybe we can have a little less stories about what the celebrities are doing because they really aren't close enough to stop bullying in the cities and states that need it the most.

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Young people often look for magazines that feature diverse content, including topics such as pop culture, fashion, lifestyle, and current events. They appreciate visually appealing layouts, interactive features, relatable stories, and engaging articles that are informative, entertaining, and reflect their interests and values. Additionally, inclusivity, authenticity, and the ability to connect with like-minded individuals are important factors that attract young readers to a magazine.

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less advertising

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Q: What do young people want in a magazine?
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