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Erin go bragh is an English phonetic spelling of Éirinn go brách, which in Irish means "Ireland forever."

It is an Irish expression of allegiance to Ireland.
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What is the correct spelling of 'Erin Go Braugh' and what does it mean?

Erin Go Braugh?Bragh? Dia duit. That's "hello" in Irish. The correct spelling is 'ERIN GO BRAGH' and it simply means ' IRELAND FOREVER.' Slan(goodbye) . "Erin go bragh" is the incorrect, anglicized way of saying and spelling it. To be entirely accurate, it is like this: "eire go brach" ( Full Answer )

When did the term 'Erin Go Braugh' originate?

The first thing you need to understand is the trinity of sisters known as albana,banba and of course Erin. The original term of this statement was banba go brea banba being one of the original names of Ireland. It was used primarily as a battle cry espicealy during the Norman invasions. The scottish ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the name Erin?

The name Erin is an extremely old one that has long been associated with Ireland ('Erin go bragh' means 'Ireland forever'). Legend has it that Erin (or Eire) was one of three goddesses who represented peace, love and joy. Her sisters, Fodla and Banba, represented hope and love respectively, leaving ( Full Answer )

What does Lough Erin Shore mean?

It's a song by The Corrs. Lough Erin is the largest lake in Ireland. The tune is to Francie Mooney's Gleanntainn Ghlas Ghaoth Dobhair There is no Lough Erin in Ireland - Erin is a romantic name for the country of Ireland . There is a large lake in the north of Ireland called Lough Erne . P ( Full Answer )

What does 'Erin go deo' mean?

It should be Éire go deo or Éirinn go deo. Ireland forever. Usually translated as "Éirinn go brách'.

What does 'Eire go Braugh' mean?

Ireland forever. More usually spelled " Erin go bragh" or" Erin go braugh" it is a phonetic English approximation of the Irish Gaelic "Éirinn go brách". Éire is a more standard spelling of Éirinn. See the wikipedia: Erin go bragh

What does Erin Albert mean?

Answer . erin albert refers to a series of things. but one inparticular is the derived name which is esmeralda which is the great saint ALBERT'S MOTHER

What does the Gaelic word braugh mean?

As in "Erin go Braugh "? That is a phonetic English spelling of "Éirinn go brách " which literally means "Ireland until Judgment Day" or "Ireland forever". Braugh is not a Gaelic spelling.

What does the name Erin mean?

It comes from the Gaelic names Éirinn and Éire. These are poetic names for an island used in songs and poems. It is often said that it means from Ireland. Erin is a Irish name meaning peace and is a poetic name for Ireland.

What does Erin go bragh mean?

'Erin go bragh' is an English spelling of the Irish Éirinngo brách meaning 'Ireland forever'.

What dose Erin mean?

Erin is a Celtic name and means "from Ireland", its also the ancient Irish name for Ireland

How do you pronounce Erin go bragh?

It's an English approximation of an Irish phrase; pronounced usually as Erin go braw. The actual Irish Gaelic is Éirinn go brách (aerin guh brawkh).

Erin go brea?

Erin go brea. "Ireland for ever". Not particularly used in Ireland. Try "Erin go deo" instead.

What does Erin Go Brough mean?

Erin Go Bragh is a phrase that loosely translates to IrelandForever. It is an expression used to signify Irish pride andheritage.

What does 'Erin go braughless' mean?

A play on words that stems from the Irish phrase Erin Go Bragh, or "Ireland Forever" The last word "Bragh" is pronounced the same as the world "bra"

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Does the name Aaron have the same meaning as Erin?

The name Aaron does not have the same meaning with the name Erin.The name Aaron traces its origins to Egypt and was taken from "aharw" which means "warrior lion". Erin, on the other hand, is anIrish name which means "peace".

How do you pronounce Erin go braugh?

"air-in go bra". Another Answer: . Éirinn go brách is the actual Irish (Gaelic) spelling and would sound something like "aer-in guh braw kh " a gutteral sound at the end.

Is there another saying associated with Erin go braugh?

well Erin go braugh means "Ireland Forever" but i have seen people spell braugh differently such at brah or brauh sorry if this doesn't help you =[ Another Answer The original Irish (Gaelic) is Éirinn go brách .

What does Erin mean in English?

Erin is an English name for Ireland; it's not Irish Gaelic, which would be Éire or Éirinn.

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Well She might.. She says she kinda likes him.. BUT HE NEVER TALKS TO HER!! and when he does she MELTS.. make sure its more then 2 min cam!

What does go braugh mean?

It's a phonetic English spelling of the Irish phrase go brách translated as 'for ever'. Go brách na breithe, till the Day of Judgment. Éirinn go brách! Ireland for ever!

Does Erin mean peace?

yes it does, if you want proof, go to babynameaddicts.com. it tells you all names and what they mean

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What does Erin mean in Japanese?

Who ever answered before me is a f*king retard. Erin Is not a Japanese name, but I have done some research (My name is Erinn) And it can translate to 'Blessing genius' HOWEVER, The name is not Japanese, It is Gaelic. (Irish) It is a poetic name for Ireland and can also mean Peace. how to write Erin ( Full Answer )

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Is it Erin go bragh or Erin go braugh?

Both. The original phrase in Irish is Éirinn go brách For English speakers this was respelled Erin go bragh or Erin go braugh .

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Does Erin Hunter go on Wikipedia?

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What is the response to 'Erin go braugh'?

I don't know of any set response to the phrase. It's an Irish phrase ( Éirinn go brách ) written in phonetic English meaning "Ireland forever".

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