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The Latin sentence 'Novus mandatum manes' means You are waiting for a new commandment. In the word-by-word translation, the adjective 'novus' means 'new'. The noun 'mandatum' means 'commandment'. The verb 'manes' means '[you] are waiting for, do wait for, wait for'.

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Q: What does 'Novus mandatum manes' mean?
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it means 'new'

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The Latin adjectives novus, novellus, recens and integer can all mean "new".

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The Latin expression is "Novus Ordo Seculorum" (see a US Dollar Bill), and is properly translated as "New Order of the Ages"

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New heart, new spirit is the English equivalent of 'cor novum, spiritus novus'. In the word by word translation, the noun 'cor' means 'heart'. The adjectives 'novum' and 'novus' mean 'new'. The noun 'spiritus' means 'spirit'.

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