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Depending on the context used, the literal spanish to English translation would be "I have a pencil." In certain dialects and contexts however, 'pencil' may be used as a way of censoring or otherwise masking the word 'penis' or its derivatives.

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Q: What does 'Tengo un lapiz' mean?
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How do you answer in spanish I have a pencil in my desk?

I have a pencil in (meaning on) my desk. Tengo un lapiz en mi escritorio/pupitre/carpeta (alternatives for 'desk') I have a pencil in[side] my desk Tengo un lapiz dentro de mi escritorio.

What does no es un lapiz mean in English?

It is not a pencil.

What does un lapiz de colores mean in English?

"Un lápiz de colores" translates to "a colored pencil" in English.

What is tengo mean in English?

Tengo means 'i have' if you had the phrase 'Tengo un problema' that would mean in english, 'i have a problem'

What does necesito un lapiz mean in spanish?

"Necesito un lápiz" means "I need a pencil" in Spanish.

What does y tengo un casa mean?

I have a house

What does tengo un hermano mean in spanish?

I have a brother.

What does mijo yo tengo un novio mean?

"Mijo yo tengo un novio" translates to "Son, I have a boyfriend" in English.

What does mean Tengo un sueno de madre?

That you are tired!!

What does tengo un juego mañana mean?

I have a game tomorrow.

What does tengo un coche grande mean?

I have a big car.

What does tengo un mean?

It means "have a love", and can be stated as a question.