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What does 'the son of man' mean in the Bible?


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The Son of Man refers to Jesus who was both a man and God.

"Son of man" refers to the prophet Ezekiel.

"Son of man" refers to Jesus.

"Son of man" is ben Adam, or son of Adam, meaning all humanity.

"Son of man" is a prophetic designation.

It means many things, but Jesus used it to identify with us and the prophets. This does not mean that he was declining to be Messiah or only begotten Son of God.

He was all of that.

Another perspective:

As noted above, the expression does have several meanings, depending on where and how it us used. Ultimately, and most importantly, Jesus took the title "Son of Man" to Himself as affirmation that, in human form, He was representative of all mankind; that His sacrifice was to benefit all peoples, not just a few. This universal offer of salvation through faith in Him is one of the unique characteristics of Jesus' teachings.