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Napoloeon Bonaparte was defeated by the English at the town of Waterloo. When you say that someone has "met their Waterloo," you mean they have unexpectedly met defeat. Napoleon was certain that he was going to win, and would be the ruler of the known world - usually the people described by this idiom are people with grand dreams or lots of power.

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What does the idiomatic expression 'Better half' mean?

This is slang - it means your spouse.

What does altamira mean in spanish?

No such word or idiomatic expression. Not at all listed in the Oxford Spanish Dictionary. Probably some "created" slang or maybe spanglish.

What does look after the baby mean in idiomatic expression?


What does 'oops-a-daisy' mean as a slang or idiomatic expression?

It is a childish rhyme that you say when something has gone wrong instead of just saying "oops."

Is with regard an idiomatic expression?

Think about this and you can figure it out. An idiom seems to mean one thing but actually means another. Does "with regard" mean just what it seems to? Yes, it does. Therefore, this phrase is not an idiomatic expression.

What does the idiomatic expression 'blue' mean?

It means sad.

What is the idiomatic idiomatic expression of a wolf in sheeps clothing?

This mean someone is pretending to have good intentions, but in fact, it's just the opposite.

What does the idiomatic expression hard nut to crack mean?

It can mean that something is difficult or that a person is stubborn.

What does monkeys the idiomatic expression monkeys flying out of your butt mean?

it is just an insult

What does the idiomatic expression 'Snake in the grass' mean?

traitor, backbiter

What does the idiomatic expression cream of the crop mean?

The "cream of the crop" is the best of the lot.

What do you mean by the idiomatic expression twist someones arm?

Force someone to do something

What does 'its child's play' mean in idiomatic expression?

It means that it is extremely easy.

What Idiomatic expression mean for Boiling Mad?

lt means like extremly angry.

What does fly-by-night business fleeces the elderly mean as an idiomatic expression?


What does the idiomatic expression sent for errands mean?

The expression is not idiomatic. It means exactly what it says. To be sent on ( or for) errands means to be out on a shopping trip, or such like, for someone. Mother sent me on errands to the grocery store and the dry cleaners.

What does the expression 'tube' mean?

As an expression "tube" is usually used as slang for television.

What does the idiomatic expression of a thread in a haystack mean?

It's NEEDLE in a haystack. See the related question.

What does it mean by the idiomatic expression real ham?

A ham is a slang term for a poor actor who doesn't realize how bad he or she is, they continue to over-act and make people laugh at their antics. Hamming it up means they're trying to get laughs.

What does it mean when a guy bangs a girl?

This is a slang expression for "sexual intercourse".

What does the army slang oora mean?

it means "i agree" its an expression for pride

What is the italicized expression and the idiomatic expression of an apportunity?

I'm not sure what you mean by "italicized expression" here -- that term just means something that is printed in italic font.I also think maybe you mean OPPORTUNITY, which is not an idiom.

What does the idiomatic expression 'wear your heart on your sleeve' mean?

it means to show emotions openly

What do you mean by the idiomatic expression silvery tongue?

One with a silvery tongue, is someone who is a smooth or persuasive speaker.

What do you mean by the idiomatic expression to marry above one's station?

To marry someone from a higher socioeconomic placing