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Definition of a pun: "A pun, or paronomasia, is a form of word play that deliberately exploits ambiguity between similar-sounding words for humorous or rhetorical effect" A pun is basically a play on words, like in the joke, "Where do cows go on a Saturday nite? The moooovies." Moooovies is a pun.

  • A man with one hand is in the store shopping and he keeps dropping his bag. A women asks, "Can I give you a hand?" She is not trying to be funny, nor is she offereing to literally give him a hand, but is only making an offer of help to the man.
  • A manager at a company is very heavy. One day he comes in with an auditor who is evaluating how the manager runs his department. The manager sees a number of things that are unacceptable, and he starts dressing down his workers in harsh tones. "I've told you guys that we do this and we do that and we do the other, and you still don't get it. Please follow my instructions and get those things done in the way I've aske you to do them!"
  • The auditor looks at the manager and says, "I've got to hand it to you, and, no pun intended, you really know how to throw your weight around."
  • The word "weight" here refers to the manager's authority in his department, and not to the extra pounds he carries. [This is offered to make the point. It would be in bad taste to say something like that to someone who is overweight.]
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Q: What does 'no pun intended' mean?
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What does the slang no punt intended mean?

Its no Pun intended and it means, no alternate meaning intended.

What does PHUN mean when used in the sentence NO PHUN INTENDED?

it is yet another play on words. it means no pun intended

Sentence using pun?

I am banking on Westpac lending me the money-no pun intended! I like writing answers, I do it for the pun of it.

What does no racist pun intended mean?

The person is asking permission to make a racist comment. It is sort of a disclaimer.

What do you call a fish baby?

fry no pun intended

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You're getting screwed over. No pun intended.

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Their sense of humour. Their happiness to 'get some' if you pardon the pun. (no pun intended).

Who does Ophelia marry in Hamlet?

she marries death. Pun intended

Do you think Kaylee is a nice name?

Your mom did. No pun intended.

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It quite literally means that someone hopes that you to go to hell. No pun or sarcasm intended in the statement.

What is the most overrated sexual position?

That depends on the couple. (pun intended)

What is a sentence for pun?

If I had a nickel for every time I had to scold my kids, I could retire; no pun intended. That is a great sentence for the word pun since it refers to the humorous use of a word or phrase.

Which country produces the least fruit?

Vatican City, unless you intended this to be a pun.

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Do you say none taken if someone says no pun intended?

Only when drunk

What does pun mean in language arts?

Pun is defined as a play on words.

What is the meaning of the phrase pun intended?

A pun is a play on words. Sometimes, it is intended, where people make a silly joke about something and the words are cleverly (or not so cleverly) used to make use of their double meanings. For example- one person might say at dinner that the chilli con carne OS quite cold, then some joker might pipe up and say "yes, this chilli is quite chilly" at which point everyone else groans at the obvious and intended pun. Sometimes people are have a more serious conversation about something and a pun is said by accident- at which point they will say "no pun intended".

How many leaves will a male marijuana plant develop?

9-11(no pun intended)

What is a phallos?

The phallus is the erect penis; "Phallos" is a particular short novel.* * no pun intended.

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thrusting way too hard no pun intended

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travel really took off (pun intended)

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absolutely in no time flat! (no pun intended!)

What does pun mean as in no pun intended?

A pun is a phrase or word that makes humour by relying on the different meanings of a word or words with similar sounds. A pun is often referred to as the lowest form of humour, and unlike jokes is often greeted with groans not laughter.Examples of puns would be:Did you hear about the optometrist who fell into a lens grinder and made a spectacle of himself?There were two ocean tankers that collided. One was hauling red paint, one had blue paint. . At last report, the captains were marooned.Two peanuts walk into a bar. One was a salted.No pun intended implies that a factual statement could be interpreted as a joke or pun, but that was not the intent:Detective one: Looks like he was drowned in this vat of refrigerated blood at the slaughterhouse!Detective two: Really? He was killed in cold blood? No pun intended!

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It varies all the time (no pun intended). Right now it is 11:03am

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