What does 1337 mean?

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1337 = leet as in elite (type 1337 on a calculator and turn it upside-down)

It can mean that someone is very good at a game, or anything really.

It's the opposite of noob, as in newbie.

NOTE: Noob and newb are 2 different things. A noob is someone who doesn't follow the rules because they don't care, but a newb is someone who doesn't follow the rules because they are new and don't know them.
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What was trade like before after and during the Hundred Years War 1337-1453?

Main Anglo - French trade before the war was in the grain and wine and salt: English exported the grain and buy wines and salt from the Gascogne, French province. During the war troop movements destroyed the crops and vineyards in France, so after the war all this farms and vineyards had to be rebui ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of Or?

Allowing a choice. ex; we can go to the movies or go bowling. Sothe person knows that you can only choose one. It is a conjunction word which is often used when the word eitheris in the same sentence.

What does as is mean?

Answer . As is means.............What you see is what you get. If you are buying something and the package is open, make sure all the pieces are there the seller is saying As is .........or What you see is what you get.The seller is not giving you anything else only what you see.

What is 1337?

3 1337 means 'leet' in a language called 'leet speek' which really isn't an actual language.... http://www.computerhope.com/cgi-bin/convert.pl

How do you speak 1337?

Well when you speak it you add the suffix -zor to some words. So pwn becomes pwnzor. And when you type it things |_ () () |< |_ / |< € (LOOK LIKE) how that looks. Etc.

What is the meaning of this?

(used to indicate a person, thing, idea, state, event, time , remark, etc., as present, near, just mentioned or pointed out, supposed to be understood, or by way of emphasis): This is my coat.

What is the meaning of by?

Er... I bet you already know but I'll answer the question. It means: Through the agency or means of (indicating how something happens.) There are other definitions of this word though.

What is the meaning of what?

Apparently you know the meaning, or you would not have been able to use it to ask the question.

What do you mean by what?

'What' is an interrogative pronoun and is used when you want toknow about something (not a person) eg What is the time?

What does a - mean?

- In mathematics a "-" is a minus sign, signifying that the second number should be subtracted form the first number: 5-3=2. It also identifies a negative number, a number less than zero, such as -5 (minus five). - In lists, it is a dash, and can mark the beginning of new sections, as it is d ( Full Answer )

What does you are who am mean?

John 8:58 "Jesus said to them, Verily, verily, I say to you, Before Abraham was, I am." Divinity has no past tense, no future tense, but always the present. We all exist in the present therefore we are those who are in existence . It is more correct to say "you are who is" rather than "you are who ( Full Answer )

What does your mean?

Your is a second person possessive pronoun that means something belongs to the person you are talking to. Some examples are: Do your own homework. This is your bat. Your parents are nice.

What does '' mean?

it's a quotation mark, usually used for dialogue, short story titles, poem titles and things like that

What does are mean?

Are is the plural form of the present tense (indicative mood)of the verb`be' and the singular form used with you. To make it simpler to understand, if you speak or write about morethan 1 thing or person, use 'are'. But if you are using thesingular pronoun 'you', it requires 'are'. Wrong: Is you fe ( Full Answer )

What does I mean?

"I" it means your self as in me i means your self I has the same meaning as me. So when I talk about myself I use the letter I. Example:I am my idol.

How do you get a mean?

The mean is the same thing as average. To get the mean you add together all of the numbers in the set. Then, you divide by the total amount of numbers that were added to get the mean/average. Example: Find the mean of 5, 4, 6, 3, and 2. 5+4=9+6=15+3=18+2=20 1 2 3 4 5 (There are a tot ( Full Answer )

What does 'and' mean?

< is greater than and > is less than. Like a list: fruit AND vegetables. Only 2 fragments 'And' means 'also' or ' as well as '.

How do you get the mean?

you Add the highest number to the loswest number then......hold i be right back to give you the rest. Ohhhh... Sooooo close... Mean - simply the average. Add up all the numbers and divide by the total number of numbers you just added. Median - Put the numbers in order from lowest to highest. ( Full Answer )

What is 1337 speak?

1337 speak is when someone type like a "pro", Usually used by nerd'ish gamers and hardcore internet users. this is an example for a 1337 typing: h0w 4r3 u t0d4y m4te 0 = o 4 = A 3 = e 7 = t etc...

What does 1337 stand for?

Technically, it in itself does not mean anything, but if you type it into a calculator and turn it upside-down, it says "LEET" as is elite, it is used to refer to someone who is good/skilled at something (aka opposite of a noob/newbie) PS. "BLUE WAFFLE"

Where did 1337 speak come from?

Leet originated within bulletin board systems in the 1980s, [1] [2] where having "elite" status on a BBS allowed a user access to file folders, games, and special chat rooms. One theory is that it was developed to defeat text filters created by BBS or Internet Relay Chat system operators for messa ( Full Answer )

Why is 1337 a cool number?

It means leet. It is a number used by H4Ck3R5, gamers, and computer people to represent something that is... elite. 1=L 3=E 3=E 7=T

What are the letters of 1337?

hey i wanna ask you that do you wanna find the alphabets or letters then: 1=A 3=C 3=C 7=G

What does to get mean?

To get something is to obtain, acquire, or receive it, or perhaps, to buy it when shopping.

What is the meaning of his?

His in English is a third person singular masculine possessive pronoun. It will substitute for a possessive noun like "John's" or "Igor's" in a sentence like "John put his hand in his pocket." or "I asked Igor if the wallet was his."

What does can a can can a can means?

It does not make much sense, but it means Is a can able to preserve a can by putting up in some container such as a can.

What happened in the year 1337?

Mansa Musa died and the hundreds year war between Britain and France began. The war was pretty 1337.

What does A mean?

A (an) is the indefinite article, indicating a single, non-specific member of a group or set. The plural may be some , but also several, many, or any numerical modifier. Example : "I saw a man." (any male human) This is compared to the definite articles (the, this, that, those) which describe ( Full Answer )

What does no no no mean?

it basically means no, which is often used as an answer to a question when one does not want something to happen, does not like something, did not do anything, it is basically the negative answer to a question, the opposite of no is yes. no no no is the word no repeated 3 times for emphasis on the ( Full Answer )

What is the value of 1337 9mm LUGER?

Think you meant 1937 Luger- but we still cannot give you a definitive answer- there were multiple models and styles. Value of any gun is based on the exact model and condition (and originality- a $1000 war trophy that was chrome plated down at the bumper shop is worth $100) . They were made in sever ( Full Answer )

What does the 1337 mean?

It means the leet, noob. Teh as in the. Leet as in elite. The elite. Its called 1337speak. It makes you cool.

What was the 1337 year in Chinese like?

In year 1337 AD, China has been under the rule of Mongols conquers for more than 65 years. The Mongol established the Yuan dynasty, with Beijing as its capital. The then emperor of China is Yuan Huizhong 元惠宗妥懽贴睦 (Mongol Title: Uqayatu Qaγan), who ruled from J ( Full Answer )

Where did 1337 come from?

Leet (also 1337, eleet, leetspeak) originated in the 1980s within bulletin board system, where elite status allowed user access to file folders, special chat rooms, and games. Eventually, creative mistakes were used to try to show one was knowledgeable about computer culture. After leaving the lexic ( Full Answer )

What does how and why mean?

How means like if someone said how do you climb up a tree they would want to know how to so thatperson tells them how to climb up a tree and why means if someone said why does people be mean to you then that other person tells them why they do it like because they just do cause they feel like it. th ( Full Answer )

What does I am that I am mean?

There are various proposed translations for the 'tetragrammaton', the four letter name 'YHWH' used as a name for God. The origin or meaning of this Hebrew word is uncertain, but one popular meaning is 'I am that I am'.

How is there means?

i dont really get what you have just asked sorry but i don't make sense to me I am so sorry

Why is quickscoping so 1337?

Because little kids like to qs because it makes them pro because it takes alot of f**king skill.

What does ''does'' mean?

Does is the third person singular of the verb 'to do'. The verb to do means to act or to accomplish. Does can also be a helping verb. I do, you do, he/she/it does. We do, you do, they do.

What is 1337 divided by 0?

The result is undefined. This is termed the division by zero error, because you cannot divide a number by zero and get a real number. When you type this into a calculator, you will get an error message.

What does 'you are' mean?

The pronoun 'you' is the second person pronoun which takes the place of the noun for the person spoken to. The verb 'are' is the second person singular and plural and first and third person plural present of the verb 'to be'. The verb 'are' is often used as a helping (auxiliary) verb. Literally ( Full Answer )

What caused the battle of cadsand 1337?

It was a minor battle of the Hundred Years War just to improve morale in England. The result was an English victory and the army of Flanders defeated. Afterwards, there was no long lasting effects. It was a battle instigated by the English just to impress the enemy

What is the meaning of is?

1.Too have expectations of everything and nothing for infinity!. 2. A universal time code source, examining the conscience. .

What does the term '1337' mean?

In the language of internet slang it appears that "1337" translates to the word "elite". It is often used to describe a person who has good computer knowledge and gaming skills.

How do you round 1337 to the nearest hundred?

When rounding to a specific place, take a look at the digit immediately to the right of the target, in this case, the tens place. If that digit is 4 or less, zero everything to the right of the target out. If that digit is 5 through 9, increase the target by one and zero everything to the right of i ( Full Answer )