What does 13 anos mean?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Anos is Spanish for years so 13 anos is is 13 years.

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Q: What does 13 anos mean?
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What does tengo trece anos mean?

if you replace anos with años then you say i am thirteen years old if not you are saying i have 13 anuses no joke.

What is anos in Spanish?

anos is already in spanish. Maybe you mean anos in english. It means years.

How do you say at age 13 in Portuguese?

Com 13 anos.

What does 4 meses anos mean?

meses = months anos = years

What is you are 13 in Spanish?

Tienes trece anos.

What is '13 anos nada mas' in English?

Just 13 years [old] is an English equivalent of '13 anos nada mas'. In the word by word translation, the masculine gender noun 'anos' means 'years'. The adverb 'nada'means 'nothing'. The adverb 'mas' means 'more'. Together, the adverbs 'nada' and 'mas' may mean 'just, only'. A more literal translation is '13 years [old and] nothing more'.

What does 21 anos juntas mean?

21 anos juntas means '21 years all together'.

What does hace 2 anos mean?

It means it has been two years Hace dos anos que

How do you say i am 13 years old in Brazil?

Eu sou 13 anos de idade.

What mean in spanish how old are?

Cuantos anos

What does 'cuántos anos tienes' mean in English?

Just imagine!anos = anuses X _ @People normally have one!

What does Anos Luz mean in English?

Light Years