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What does 14k THL mean inside a silver ring?

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the 14k means 14 carats of silver. but i do notno what THL means.sorry

it does not mean 14k of silver! 14k WHITE GOLD ...worth more

then silver....14k white gold is silver in color...but it is GOLD metal

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What does 14k da mean on silver ring

what does 14K pat Fla mean on the inside of a ring

That is the company or maker. Your ring is gold with the 14k on it.

What does lr inside a band of a ring mean

cTo is probably the designer/jeweler of the ring 14k is what it is

What does mc 14k means inside a ring

I have in side a ring I brought 14k. DEL ,,what does 14k DEL mean inside my ring?

There are two reasons a ring could be stamped with 14k and 925 1) The ring is made from both 14k gold and Sterling Silver (925). 2) The ring is made from Vermeil which can be made from 14k gold thickly plated over Sterling Silver.

14k is 14k in gold, f6 is the band size

What does am-g 10k on the inside of a ring mean

gold ring inside marking 14 k tw

what would it say inside a ring if it were gold plated

What does 14k PJM mean on ring

It means that the Designer is ArtCarved Bridal and it is true 14K Gold.

This would be a Sterling silver ring that is 14 k gold

The 14K is the Gold content and the S and S either stands for Sterling Silver or it is a Maker's Mark.

14 carat gold alloy containing 32.17% silver.

OB 14k means that is a 14k Gold "overband," or more commonly known as Gold Plating or 14k GP.

What does zet mean on a ring

"Karat-weight." The same as "14k."

14k means 14 carrot gold mine says 14 k m@