What does 18k gp?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What does 18k gp?
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What is 18k GP?

Gold plated

What does 18k GP mean when stamped on a neckless?

it means gold plated

I'm looking to buy a ring that says it 18k white gp ring what does that mean?

it means that the ring is made of another metal and overlayed with white gold. The GP stands for Gold Plated

How much for a plain 18kgp chain cost?

It depends on what you mean. A stamping of 18K GP usually means 18K gold plating (over base metal) in which case it would cost very little because the plating is very thin and basically worthless and base metal is really cheap. On the other hand, 18K GP could possibly mean that GP were the makers mark (it most likely would be plated, but I suppose GP could be initials and the chain could be solid 18K) in which case it would cost money depending on the weight. As a general rule of thumb, consider a price of pure gold to be $50 per gram, and since 18K gold is 75% pure, you'd have a price of $37.5 per gram of your 18K chain and so it would depend on weight. A tiny, thin chain meant as a bracelet might cost $30-50 while a large chunky "70s looking" chain might cost upwards of $500.

Can you pawn a 18K GP?

the GP stands for 'gold plated' which means that the item is not gold all the way through. Chances are your local pawnshop will not take the item. If it is Silver plated with gold you could possibly get a dollar or two on the item but that's not always the case.

What does ploro 18k mean?

ploro 18k

What is the equivalent resistance if six 18 kOhm resistors are connected in 1. series 2. parallel as was asked by Mackey90 on 8 December 2008?

6 separate 18kOhm resistors wired in series make a total resistance of:18k+18k+18k+18k+18k+18k which is 108 kOhm.6 separate 18kOhm resistors wired in parallel make a total resistance of:1/[(1/18k) + (1/18k) + (1/18k) + (1/18k) + (1/18k) + (1/18k)] which is 3 kOhm.

What does 18K sac mean in a ring?

what does 18K SAC mean in a ring

Is an 18k gold ring homogeneous?

18k is not homgeneous

Ore pricing in runescape?

Tin - 35 gp Copper - 70 gp Iron - 102 gp Coal - 174 gp Mithril -224 gp Adamantite - 1,039 gp Runite - 15,700 gp

What does the hallmark 18k 766 mean?

Probably that it was # 766 of an 18k Design.

What does 18k hce a mean on a ring?

Want does 18k hce on a ring